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Apply to Become A CoinEx Ambassador Agent to Earn Commission with Ease!

The recent decline in the crypto market, which is reminiscent of the rampant wave of ICO in 2017, is believed by some people to be a sign of stricter supervision and by many others to be consensus chaos resulting from Elon Musk. Many investors subconsciously equate a rise with a bullish market and a fall with a bearish market. Yet just as a saying in the investment market that goes “when bears are exhausted, bulls come,” cryptocurrencies have rebounded from the downtrend and the BTC price has returned to $40,000 in the past two days.


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(Photo: Business Wire)

(Photo: Business Wire)

Confused about the crypto trend, many traders are seeking sources of passive income in the sluggish market. The good news is there are many alternative investment forms, including crypto lending, stake mining, and automated market making (AMM).


Despite the recovery from the previous fall in the crypto market, those who have been accustomed to earning gains every day have reached out for other investment opportunities. As the most revolutionary financial tools, blockchain and cryptocurrencies make for good sources of passive income that are suitable for investors in various types of risk appetite.


Almost all major smart contract blockchains support staking, including smart contract chains such as BSC, HSC, and CSC. The AMM mechanism launched by CoinEx earlier also allows every user to become an LP by injecting liquidity to the liquidity pool and earn passive income from the transaction fees.


Another channel of passive income is derived from the agent systems of some crypto platform exchanges, which mainly come in two categories: first, you can directly become the ambassador of a platform who enjoys continuous passive income after completing the corresponding marketing events and designated tasks. CoinEx Ambassador Program, for example, offers Ambassadors up to 50% of transaction fees generated by their referred users as a referral commission; second, you can serve as the agent of ambassadors at a platform, who is mainly responsible for ambassador recruitment, and earn passive income every day without any risks by referring others to be ambassadors.


Amid the volatile rises and falls, cryptocurrency investors need to get fully prepared for the next market boom and for the easy, low-cost opportunities of going into the crypto business.


Founded in December 2017, CoinEx is a global and professional cryptocurrency exchange service provider. It is dedicated to building a highly secure, stable, and efficient cryptocurrency exchange for global users. Currently, CoinEx supports multiple languages like Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, etc. and is providing global trading services in over 100 countries/regions.


In order to advance the pace of global expansion, CoinEx launched an Ambassador Recruitment Program in March 2020 and has recruited more than 300 Ambassadors worldwide. As a global partner of CoinEx, a CoinEx Ambassador should be deeply involved in the exchange’s marketing operations and make joint efforts to create a global business ecosystem.


The CoinEx Ambassadors can enjoy up to 50% of transaction fees generated by their referred users as a referral commission. At the same time, community users with resources in media/KOLs/advertising can apply for monthly pay and become Market Ambassadors. By completing the corresponding marketing tasks, a Market Ambassador can get a fixed monthly salary of $200-$500. Other privileges include the honor certificates issued by CoinEx, VIP treatment in online and offline events, and early-bird access to internal testing of CoinEx products.


In June 2021, CoinEx launched an Ambassador Agent Program, which provides easier access to CoinEx Ambassador Program for those who want to gain more income by helping CoinEx efficiently improve its promotion capabilities.


After referring promoters to be CoinEx Ambassadors, a CoinEx Ambassador Agent can enjoy 5% of transaction fees generated by the Ambassadors’ referred users as a referral commission. (For more information, please click here:


You can follow the steps below to become a CoinEx Ambassador Agent:


  1. Log in to CoinEx official site, and click “Apply for CoinEx Ambassador Agent”;
  2. Click to enter the Ambassadors page.
  3. Fill in the information required.

After completing the above steps and passing the review of CoinEx, you can become a CoinEx Ambassador Agent, and thrive with the development trends in the crypto field as time goes by.


The Ambassador Agent is just part of the CoinEx ecosystem in the long run. CoinEx is working on a comprehensive layout in the blockchain ecosystem, covering many aspects such as exchanges, mining pools, public chains, and wallets, and surely will do its best in each one of these fields.


As DeFi has been accepted by more people day by day, the cryptocurrency will serve as the key driver of decentralization in the future. Amid the current crypto bubble, CoinEx Ambassador Agent Program will offer the majority of traders a safe, zero-cost, and easy way to engage in the construction of the crypto world and to achieve financial freedom.