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AntChain Launches Its First Security Chip and New Blockchain Platform Powered by Privacy Computing Technology

Business Wire IndiaAntChain, the flagship technology brand of Ant Group, today unveiled two new products at the Apsara Conference 2021 in Hangzhou – the FAIR platform and the T1 security chip – to ensure the security and trustworthiness of data flows within blockchain networks.

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Yan Ying, technical director of AntChain, unveiled the FAIR platform at the Apsara Conference on October 22, 2021. (Photo: Business Wire)

Based on AntChain’s upgraded technical architecture, the FAIR platform natively integrates privacy-preserving computation (PPC) and blockchain technologies in a unified platform, unleashing the value of data flows over their entire lifecycle.

FAIR is designed to address pain points in multi-party collaboration on data flows, which is increasingly common on the industrial internet. It replaces traditional “PPC plus blockchain” dual-system architecture, integrating the two into a single platform, in which PPC technology handles encrypted private data across multiple segregated data sets, while blockchains provide a traceable, immutable foundation for trusted data flows. Native integration of the two technologies significantly strengthens compatibility and efficiency, while reducing deployment costs.

“Data privacy protection is becoming an underlying requirement in the industry. AntChain believes that privacy-preserving computation should be a native capability for blockchain networks,” Yan Ying, technical director of AntChain, said. “The FAIR platform deeply integrates blockchain and PPC to further expand the capability of blockchain networks, allowing each node in a blockchain network to act as a node for privacy-preserving computing.”

The FAIR platform utilizes three kinds of PPC technologies, including multi-party computation (MPC), trusted execution environments (TEE), and federated learning (FL). Leveraging hardware innovations and close integration of hardware and software, the FAIR framework is 100 times more efficient than traditional solutions.

AntChain also unveiled the T1, its first self-developed blockchain-powered security chip. The chip uses Xuantie E803 high-performance processor IP from T-Head Semiconductor and will be deployed across AntChain’s hardware products, including its all-in-one workstations. The T1 chip can host a secure execution environment, and provides a variety of security features, including digital signatures and data integrity verification, to better fend off both software and hardware attacks.

AntChain’s hardware products and technologies, including the AntChain Workstation and Module-as-a-Service, have already been deployed by partners such as Chery Automobile and Tianneng Group, connecting physical assets including commercial vehicles and batteries to blockchain networks with trustworthy hardware-software integration.

About AntChain

As the flagship technology brand of Ant Group, AntChain is dedicated to building the foundations of trust with innovative technologies including blockchain, internet of things, data analytics, and intelligent risk management. It aims to develop mutually trusted, high-efficiency technical solutions for the industrial internet, and to support industry collaboration and value creation. AntChain was ranked first in China’s blockchain-as-a-service market in 2020, according to market intelligence provider IDC.


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