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AntChain Launches Developer Support Program to Foster Global Collaboration on Blockchain and Other Innovations

AntChain, Ant Group’s technology brand, today launched a developer community support program at its first developer conference. The program is designed to further foster trusted industry collaboration networks with blockchain, secure computing, IoT, and other innovative technologies.


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Geoff Jiang, President of Ant Group’s Intelligent Technology Business Group (Photo: Business Wire)

Geoff Jiang, President of Ant Group’s Intelligent Technology Business Group (Photo: Business Wire)

This new program will bring AntChain’s technical know-how and industry experience to partners and developers across a variety of platforms. Among them, the AntChain open technology platform will serve to accelerate the development of blockchain applications as well as reduce costs, while the AntChain open business ecosystem will help connect partners and developers with complementary business opportunities and operational resources. A new talent certification system has also been put in place to support technical professionals’ career development through training and certification standards.


So far, the AntChain developer community has included over 330 institutional partners and nearly 10,000 developers, who together have created over 30 innovative industry applications, including an eSign electronic contracting service and a blockchain-powered rural property trading platform with NDSCSoft.


“With the further digitalization of our economy and society, we have seen trends shifting from the digitalization of single organizations to the digitalization of industry partnerships and collaborations,” said Geoff Jiang, President of Ant Group’s Intelligent Technology Business Group. “We are committed to working more closely with our partners and developers to explore new synergies, resolve pain points in industry collaborations, and uncover greater value for the global economy and our societies.”


During the conference, developers from across various industries also shared their experience and best practices on integrating AntChain’s technology into their day-to-day operations. “AntChain’s technology can help strengthen the efficiency of multi-party collaborations, while enhancing trust in traditional rural property transactions, in turn acting as a frictionless and more efficient solution for customers in rural areas,” said Wang Liping, Deputy General Manager of NDSCSoft.


At today’s conference, AntChain also announced the launch of a suite of new innovative technologies and products, including the Blockchain Transmission Network (BTN), a high-speed, long-distance blockchain communication technology, and the AntChain Module-as-a-Service (MaaS) integrated computing module for simplified blockchain deployment.


BTN improves the data throughput and stability of blockchains through high-speed communications technology. It can enhance the throughput of a blockchain network by 186%, reduce its bandwidth cost by 80%, and cut transmission latency by 40%.


AntChain MaaS lowers the technical and financial costs of deploying blockchain hardware, and ensures the security and immutability of data transmission with technologies including silicon root of trust, digital signature at source and end-to-cloud integration.


AntChain’s technologies and solutions have been deployed in more than 50 use cases typically involving multi-party collaborations, including supply chain finance, IT leasing, global shipping, cross-border remittance, and more. On June 10, AntChain also announced a five-year global partnership with UEFA to jointly explore how blockchain technology can be used to accelerate the digital transformation of the football industry.


About AntChain


AntChain is Ant Group’s technology brand. According to IPR Daily and patent database IncoPat, Ant Group held the highest number of published blockchain-related patent applications between 2017 and the six months ended June 30, 2020. Since the launch of Ant Group’s blockchain business in 2016, the company pioneered the use of AntChain in over 50 blockchain commercial applications and use cases, including supply chain finance, cross-border remittance, charitable donations, and product provenance.


The AntChain platform consists of three layers including the underlying Blockchain-as-a-Service open platform, the digitalization of assets, and the circulation of digitalized assets. By enabling businesses to digitalize their assets and transactions, AntChain establishes trust in multi-party collaborations. The AntChain platform generated over 100 million daily active items such as patents, vouchers, and warehouse receipts, for the twelve months ended June 30, 2020.