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An Opportunity to Thank, Celebrate and Felicitate Our People and Family – Vuram Day

Business Wire IndiaVuram Technology Solutions, an expert in providing BPM, PRA and Low-Code platforms based enterprise solutions and services, celebrated its 9th Vuram anniversary commemorating the foundation of the dream to create the happiest and most nourishing workplace for People.
People of Vuram across the world celebrated the 9th Vuram anniversary in a grand way. ‘VURAM DAY’ is about celebrating, felicitating and thanking the most important aspect that defines and shapes Vuram – its people, the Vuram family.
Every year, the people of Vuram and their families, spend two days visiting a new place/city, where all the arrangements are taken care of by the organization. This year, the team celebrated Vuram Day in the Palace city of Mysuru. We have a theme for each year, and the theme for this year was “Habba” – meaning “Festival or Celebration” in Kannada. 
Venkatesh Ramarathinam, CEO, Vuram said, “A happy workplace and a happy work life leads to overall happiness, even on the personal front. Our dream is to ensure that we create the happiest and most nourishing workplace. Vuram Day is an opportunity for us to thank our families and friends for their unwavering support, belief, motivation and prayers for our success and march towards our dream. Vuram is nothing without its people, and these two days are a celebration of our people and our dream.” 
“Vuram day is a happy event, with a grand purpose to convey our thanks to the family – mothers, fathers, gurus, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, children and friends who have supported, enjoyed, wished, prayed and shaped the life and growth of our people,” said Suresh Kumar, Director – People and Operations at Vuram. 
Every year, Vuram Day is filled with lots of excitement, liveliness and several surprise events. From arranging comfortable stays in Country Inn, Radisson Blu and ITC, hosting a series of cultural events, extending surprise and family-like warm receptions, impeccable transportations, shopping stalls, illuminations and counters to hosting team events, celebrating with external artists, sharing of customer and people experience and above all sumptuous and delicious cuisines all across, ‘Vuram Day’ is indeed a mega event and this two day mega celebration is a result of several months of planning and execution by the execution team.
“This day is always very fresh in our memories, as we bring our families and exhibit the culture of our Company. It is an opportunity to meet our colleague’s family, get to know each other and cherish the bonding. Our people are eagerly waiting for the next Vuram Day already,” Suresh added.