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Aligning New Hires to Job Roles – Techademy’s Launchpad to Learn Before Joining

Today’s IT job roles require employees to hit the ground running from Day 1 at their jobs. However, as organizations hire new employees from campus, there could be gaps in learning which need to be filled before they start their tech career. Solving this issue, Techademy’s Launchpad offers Learn Before Joining Programs for organizations to align their fresh hires from campus to job roles and technologies.

Every year, the IT sector hires in volumes and the key challenges that they face are orienting the new hires for the job roles, making them aware of the tech stacks they will work upon, and instilling a continuous learning culture. Techademy’s Launchpad initiative solves all of these problems through its tailor-made solutions which aim at getting the new hires job-ready in the time between offer and onboarding. Learn Before Joining, also known as New Hire Training or New Graduate Foundation program in the industry, it is exactly what it sounds like. New hires go through learning programs – sometimes while they are still on campus, before they join the organization, thereby making the onboarding easy and time-saving.

Every organization has its specific technologies and skills they want the new hires to learn which is why these programs need to be customized considering these parameters. Techademy’s Launchpad backed with its 28 years of expertise in tech skilling offers exactly that. The mode of delivery (self-paced, blended, or instructor-led) to the learning paths, each component of the solution is hand-picked as per the client’s need. Techademy’s unified learning experience platform with its rich content library, state-of-the-art tech labs, and advanced assessments add value to this program by ensuring the learning experiences are rich and outcome-oriented.

“New hire training is a regular activity for most organizations and can be resource-draining if not done right. The chances of role mismatches and drop-offs are usually very high when the new joinees are not ready for the roles they are expected to fulfil. This costs the organizations time, money, and effort. Working closely with the industry, we understand this can be a nightmare, which is why Techademy Launchpad ensures a smooth learning journey helping the fresh hires transition from campus to corporate in the most effective way. This foundation program varies from organization to organization based on multiple factors like the skills and technologies the learners need to be familiar with and even the time duration between offer and onboarding. Our expertise lies in customizing holistic programs based on every organization’s unique requirements that bridge all the gaps in learning and makes sure the learners are prepped up for their upcoming job responsibilities and challenges,” said Keshava Raju, Founder & CEO of Techademy as he described the Launchpad’s unique features.

With organizations hiring season at peak, Techademy’s Launchpad emerges as the need-of-the-hour solution for new hire tech skilling.