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1 Million Pieces! ZOVOO Brand Successfully Achieves Sales Milestone

Business Wire IndiaZOVOO, founded in 2019 and emerging as a dark horse in the electronic cigarette industry, recently launched its latest product Dragbar and achieved a sales milestone of over 1,000,000 pieces in the global market in less than one month, fully demonstrating the extraordinary strength of ZOVOO.

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User-oriented and differentiated to meet market demand

According to ZOVOO’s global sales analysis, ZOVOO had an impressive performance in Southeast Asia, North America and Europe, which is attributable to not only Dragbar’ s excellent capability, but also the ZOVOO team’s in-depth and detailed market analysis of different regions.

Dragbar’ s innovation and research team employed polymer fibers and ergonomic lip sensation design to address the consumers’ most-concerned issues such as oil leakage and dry hit, while also ensuring the taste and recovery of the product. Using the most popular double injection molding process and the collision of extremely vibrant colors, the high-quality product is aesthetically attractive and tasteful, and soon gained the recognition of the consumers.

Product preference varies in different markets, so the team made in-depth investigations on product appearances and sizes and provided different series of Dragbar to cater to users in different regions, eventually achieving sales performance that was in line with the target of the ZOVOO team.

Creating amazing products with extreme craftsmanship

The ZOVOO design team, with its decade-long history, consists of senior creative elites, concept artists, visual designers and technical engineers. As ZOVOO’s first product for the overseas market, Dragbar cost the design team a whole year to finish. Even after thousands of adjustments, tests, and appearance improvements, the team did not start mass production until it was 100% confident with the final product.

In addition, since the founding of ZOVOO, the team has been focused on technology, constantly making breakthroughs and pursuing new patents and new technologies. During the long process ranging from research and development to design, production, and testing before the launch of each product, the innovation and research team is particular about every detail of the product, so as to bring comfortable and safe experience to the consumers.

Dragbar’ s sales volume of 1,000,000 pieces achieved in a short period of time fully demonstrated the ZOVOO team’s accurate insight into the users’ needs, its excellent research and development capabilities, as well as its forward-looking product design strength. With the excellent performance of Dragbar, ZOVOO has successfully entered markets in more than 50 countries and regions in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. In the future, the ZOVOO team will continue to develop new products in line with market trends to meet the users’ new needs.


ZOVOO has established strategic partnerships with ICCPP manufacturers on a basis of mutual trust. ZOVOO enables its sustainable supply chain management by supporting safety standards, social values and environment-friendliness. With the motto of “Creating is Endless”, ZOVOO is committed to adding inspirations to the colorful life of people with technology, and seeking partners globally to better serve the consumers.

WARNING: This product may be used with e-liquid products containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. The product is only intended for adult smokers of legal purchase age.

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