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Blowing Away The Competition Could Be As Simple As Finding A New Look for Your Business

As we’re now firmly in the digital age, most businesses have some kind of internet presence, mostly in the form of a website but increasingly social network accounts. This has created a lot of ‘noise’ on the internet, with websites from within the same sector competing against each other in a similar way stores in a retail park compete for attention from shoppers walking by. Now that Google has refined its algorithm to a degree that only the best websites feature in its results pages, it’s probably about time you took a closer look at your brand image online.

The Importance of SEO

Since Google was launched back in 2008, SEO has been all about keywords. However, there’s been a significant leap from keyword packed websites making no grammatical sense in the last ten years. These days, people searching for items, products, goods or services on the internet want instant answers. They not only want instant answers to their queries but they want a sense of gratification too. In other words, today’s internet consumers want all the information they require with as few clicks as possible and if your website doesn’t perform like that, no-one will stick around to make a purchase.

Today’s SEO is much more than attracting traffic to your website; it’s about making your visitors stick around for long enough to make an order or to at least subscribe to your newsletter. The way this is achieved is through good quality content. Good quality content doesn’t always refer to lots of text. In actual fact, today’s consumers are much more visual. Using memes to raise brand awareness or producing your own videos detailing certain products or offers are good ways to attract attention what you are selling. Content like this works especially well on social networks too.

Is your Website Responsive?

The majority of people these days are browsing the internet using their cellphones or tablets. They don’t expect any reduction of functionality or quality either. Whatever device your website is viewed in, it should scale to the right screen size without any loss of information or function. This is called a responsive website and Google has already displayed its favoritism towards websites that can be easily navigated on all devices.

Is your Website Clutter-Free and Easy to Navigate?

It’s very easy to get caught up in wanting a bells and whistles website to attract attention to your business. However, things have come full circle in many respects and now consumers want websites that are clear, easy to understand and importantly, easy to get around. Websites should function as part of your sales funnel and take visitors on a journey. It’s important to have products, goods or services featured clearly on the home page and an opportunity for the visitor to choose to take a closer look at the information most relevant to their query.

How do I Build a Better Website?

Many people believe it costs a fortune to have a great website, whereas it has never been easier to do it yourself. Of course you have to know where to look to find the easy ways to build your own website and one really good resource is, which has reviews of the best methods available. The most important thing is to look at what your competition are doing with their websites and build something that offers visitors something they don’t. You know your business better than anyone else, so get the website you want and you’ll notice a big improvement in your bottom line.