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5 Essential Questions For Your Market Research Survey

Market research surveys are an extremely valuable tool for both multinational companies and small businesses. A properly constructed survey can gather opinions on a new product, or concept, which is difficult to achieve using any other method. You can integrate Qualtrics for market research, and get all the data in one place. In order to gather the most constructive information, you should ensure that the questions are carefully worded and specifically tailored to your audience.

1. ‘What’s your age?’

Determining demographic data about your audience is critical in order to evaluate the results you obtain. It’s likely that someone 60 years old will have different opinions than someone aged 18, but if you want to target your product to an older audience, their responses may be a more important factor in your final analysis. A number of websites have detailed demographic questions that you can pick and choose, depending on your business.

2. ‘How often do you eat out for dinner?’

This is known as a ‘psychographic’ question and is used to determine information about the personality, interests, and attitudes of survey respondents. These types of questions are valuable in delving a little deeper into demographic data. For example, people aged 21 – 25 will eat out varying amounts, but maybe those that eat out more show a higher affinity for your product.

3. ‘How often do you purchase ___?’

Finding out respondents’ buying patterns is exceptionally important because of the huge variation within demographic data. Not everyone with a high salary will purchase a new car every year, so if you’re a car manufacturer, the opinion of these people might be slightly less important than those that earn a high salary and do buy a new car yearly.

4. ‘What do you consider to be the most important factor when choosing a new ___?’

Now that you know exactly who your audience is, their opinions are the whole reason for the market research survey. When asking about your product, or business, be careful not to use leading questions. For more information on common mistakes when writing market research questions, check out this Forbes article.

5. ‘What would you change about ___?’

Occasionally you may need to write an open question that can’t be answered with set multiple choice answers. In cases like the question above, be prepared to receive answers that you don’t expect, and perhaps aren’t overly useful. This is great if you want a range of answers, but could be targeted at one particular aspect of your product for more concise responses.