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Strikingly Website Builder Review [2024]

Searching for a simple website builder? You can create beautiful, modern and responsive websites, blogs or even e-commerce stores with the help of Strikingly.

The website builder industry’s new child on the block is here! Years after its primary rivals, it was introduced in 2012, and since then, it has only advanced. The single-page websites that may be made with the website builder can be made without any programming knowledge.

For marketers and small enterprises, this makes it quite intriguing. Portfolios, product landing pages, or event sites that display all of your information on one attractive page are common examples. You may also add a blog and an online store with the largest of 500 products also to your showcase.

The designs have a highly contemporary appearance and will look great on tablets and smartphones. Even better, you may improve the mobile experience by including a mobile action, such as a simple “call” or “send email” button. This will make using your website on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets considerably simpler.

You may build a simple website and test out strikingly key features with their entry plan, which is eternally free. Surprisingly, the 1-page limit was recently raised to 5 pages, allowing you to stop using single-page websites. What if you require more though? You must choose the Pro plan. It has a 100-page capacity, which is more than most websites will likely require.


Strikingly Review - Website Builder 2023

With the feature-rich website builder tool Strikingly, even those with little experience can construct attractive, contemporary websites. Seth Godin, a best-selling author and marketing expert, suggests it.

Strikingly is for Whom? can be the ideal choice for you if you require a tool for developing single-page responsive websites that look fantastic on mobile devices.

Strikingly is ideal for building personal,  small business, or e-commerce websites. There is no need for coding knowledge. You’ll get simple-to-use custom templates and exquisite design elements, all powered by a powerful and user-friendly drag-and-drop website builder tool.

The least expensive paid website builder package is 8.00 per month. Take advantage of their 14-day free trial if you’re on the fence.

Strikingly Pricing

$0 Free

Enough for examining the editor’s operation. 5 pages and a store with one item are included. Get started with your first website, blog or e-commerce for free!

$8 Restricted

Contains a domain and a five-product online store. Contains up to two websites. Still displays Ads are striking.

$16 Pro

Password security, areas, and site search are all enabled. Create up to three distinct websites, each with a maximum of 100 pages.

$49 VIP

All features, including the live chat widget, newsletter tool, and English phone help. Includes the option to sell an infinite number of products and up to 5 sites.

Before signing up with, consider this updated assessment of the service from 2022, which includes real user ratings from social media.

What About Webhosting with Strikingly?

In the past, building a website required extensive technical expertise in areas like web hosting, programming, and domain registrars.

But all that has altered as a result of website builders. Anyone with basic computer abilities can now make a website using a “point and click” site builder.

Having said that, selecting a suitable site builder might be difficult given the large number of options accessible today. Thus, if you require a tool for creating single-page websites, can be the ideal option.

Single-Page Scrolling Websites of the Present

The majority of comparable systems provide options for creating multi-page websites.  But, focuses on building straightforward, monochromatic websites with only one page of content.

The business implements this strategy by providing layouts that rely on vertical scrolling. Although this strategy may appear to be constrained, there are circumstances where it is very useful.

Single-page websites, for instance, are ideal for presentations, portfolios, some business services, and the introduction of new products.

The Possibility of Multi-Page Websites, using the tools that provides, you can even create a basic blog or online store.

A Brief Overview

Here are some of the most well-liked attributes of this website builder:

  • No coding knowledge is necessary.
  • Utilizing an editor that is basic
  • integrated tools for e-commerce
  • Designs that are responsive and work well on mobile
  • Use of your current domain or the option to buy a new one
  • includes analytics
  • Utilizing a form builder that is basic
  • social feed, optional
  • There is built-in HTTPS encryption for increased security.

Select from 3 Strikingly Plans

You must select one of three options before using strikingly to create a website.

There is a free website option, indeed.

The free account, which offers 5GB of monthly bandwidth and the ability to sell one item per site, is the first choice.

Free single-page websites that never expire are yours to create indefinitely. However, domains on a free plan have the pattern “,” which is unacceptable if you want to create an e-commerce website.

The Strict Plan

The Limited paid plan, which is payable either monthly, is the second choice. Free domain registration is included with a one-year commitment to paying for services.

Alternatively, paying month-to-month entitles you to a free domain transfer from any registrar of your choice for a custom domain.

When signed up for both the Free and Limited plans, a “Powered by “strikingly” emblem will be visible in the footer area of your website.

The latter plan has a 50GB monthly data transfer cap and lets you run a small store with up to five items for sale.

Additionally, at this level, you can still create an unlimited number of free websites, but members are only permitted to create two Limited websites.

Detailed Features of Strikingly

Let’s examine strikingly experience in more detail.

It Is Simple To Use

Strikingly is simple to use, just like the majority of other drag-and-drop site builders. No code will need to be written because of the graphical editor. Simply drag and drop page elements onto the appropriate sections, then edit their settings.

It’s feasible to have a well-designed single-page website up and running in a matter of hours after you get the hang of the user-friendly interface. Professional users will additionally value that the Pro plan provides access to HTML/CSS files.

Designing and Customizing Themes

Provides a choice of many templates that are industry and niche specific. You’ll find something you can start as boiler plate or use it as it is!

These are separated into many groups, including business, personal, and portfolio, to mention a few.  Although they might appear to be few, these templates include a large selection of themes.

Building a website strikingly involves adding sections. Sections are simply large content blocks that split up the page. Each theme that you choose has its own individual set of sections and allowable page elements. For instance, some themes may have a section for employees while others won’t.

Therefore, it’s advisable to try out different themes before you begin editing page elements as switching themes, later on, resets your entire website. Upon choosing a template, you can change the background colour and choose from a large variety of fonts

WordPress Blogging vs. Strikingly Blogging

Contrary to robust content management systems like WordPress, Strikingly blogging features don’t let you schedule posts for automatic publication. The good news is that you can write draft entries and even add an RSS button to your blog so that viewers may subscribe quickly.

Add Content of Any Kind even E-commerce

Users of strikingly are able to add any kind of content, including slideshows, contact forms, social media feeds, text boxes, photographs, and videos. There will be a section that links to entries published on different sites if you choose to create a blog.

Blog entries have a distinct design of their own, and you can even incorporate the Discuss plug-in to allow comments.

The store feature is a massive plus, over any website builder. You can add products, manage shipping and payments and even do marketing campaigns within the Strikingly platform. It has all the nuts and bolts necessary same as Shopify or WooCommerce, with much less complexity and affordable prices. It may not be as mature as before mentioned platforms considering their long history and number of stores running for years, but if you’re just getting started with D2C or E-commerce, Strikingly store options should suffice.

Further Editing Features

Additionally, strikingly lacks a preview feature in design mode. Before beginning to work on a website, you can preview complete sample sites that are built into templates.

The editor has “Store” and “Publish” buttons but does not save changes. Additionally, this site builder offers customers the option to select a unique favicon or the little icon that appears on browser tabs next to website titles.

Automatic Website Creation with a LinkedIn URL. Strikingly has the clever function of building the foundation for your new website off of your LinkedIn profile.

This implies there is no need to create the wheel from scratch if you already have a business page on Linked.

Your information will be used by to create the first draught of a stunning, website. You should add to the base page. It’s well made, but why do you have to re-enter information like your address and other essential details?

Facebook Connectivity

Also provides a wide range of Facebook platform connectors. You can do a variety of activities, including:

  • Track the effectiveness of your Facebook ads.
  • Add Facebook Messenger live chat to your website.
  • Send embedded material to Facebook, such as photos!
  • You can expand the functionalities on your website by copying and pasting the following code into the App Store & HTML section of your editor.
  • This implies that, even if you are not a programmer, you may increase the functionality of your website.
  • It’s easy to add tools so that your customers can contact you or so that you can gather customer data.

You can embed a variety of objects, including:

  • Live Chat application
  • Comment sections on Disqus
  • MailChimp Registration Forms
  • There are also a lot of other choices.


Websites may be astonishingly easy search engine optimized. The single-page website can be optimized with Meta tags and keywords. You may check visitor information and other statistics going back up to 90 days by clicking the Analytics icon on the Settings box.

The statistics for your website’s analytics reveal the countries and sources of traffic, but they do not divide users into groups depending on the devices they used to access it. Fortunately, Google Analytics may be added to offer more thorough visitor data but keep in mind that this feature is only accessible to paying clients.

How responsive are the websites strikingly?

The fact that all strikingly themes are responsive is one of its best features. This implies that any device, including smartphones and tablets, will display and function when you create a website with strikingly.

Intelligent Mobile Navigation Design

Single-page websites are the best for mobile devices. Using this, you can create menus for your mobile site that are and skip between parts to make navigation simple.

Direct emailing and Click-to-Call

The primary shortcomings on mobile sites created for the lower tier Limited and free plans are the absence of “click-to-call” and direct emailing. These capabilities, which are essential for online retailers, can only be obtained by choosing the Pro Plan.

How does their customer service rate?

Users who opt to utilize this website creation tool will not have access to live chat or phone support at the time this review of strikingly was written.

Suitable Knowledge Base

It more than makes up for the lack of live chat and phone help with a knowledge base. Navigating the online knowledge base is simple.

Various categories have been created to organize help articles, getting started videos, troubleshooting manuals, and other support materials. Even a search box is available, so it’s simple to find what you’re looking for right away. To get these features, which are essential for online shops and services, you must choose the Pro Plan.

Check out the Idea Forum.

Strikingly concept forums can also be found in the help center. There, other community members offer advice on how to use specific tools provided by, which you may apply to your own site-building tasks.

Help with In-Dashboard

Strikingly rapid access to support materials while using the editor is another fantastic feature. They do this by including a question mark button that activates a text box where you can enter search terms related to different page elements and retrieve pertinent knowledge base content. When you must help, you may also use this feature to message the Happiness Officers.


One of the best platforms for single-page website builders is. It is simple to use, creates websites that are optimized for mobile and tablets, and gives users the choice of building a basic blog or an online store. Of course, no website creation tool is ideal. To determine whether is worthwhile, it is necessary to learn about both its positive and negative attributes.

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