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Is Shared Hosting the Best Option?

If you are at the stage of planning your Blog and are still deciding on your web hosting solution then that probably means that you are putting a lot of thought into the decision. When that is the case, you are already three steps ahead of the people who recklessly rush in and end up with unexpected problems further down the road. Choosing your hosting option is probably the biggest choice that you will need to make because you will end up tied into a contract if you go for paid hosting.

Other decisions along the way like which content to use and how to set up page structures etc. will be important but are much easier and quicker to change. When you sign up for a one or even two year contract, you might end up paying out for a website that no longer supports your business’ digital strategy.

As a startup business, it is hard to calculate how successful your business is going to be. You might think that your business will take at least a year to really get going but then you get a lucky break and people are desperate for your services. Your website traffic far outnumbers what you had anticipated and your hosting package simply doesn’t support it.

Fortunately, most hosts offer packages that support business growth and are scalable. So you can upgrade at any time you need to without the pain of setting up a website all over again. You need to be thinking about this when you do opt for a hosting option. Ask yourself a lot of ‘what if…?’ questions like ‘what if I get 10 times the number of website visitors I anticipate?’ or even ‘what if I no longer need a website after 6 months?’. Prepare yourself for the best and worst business scenarios.

In terms of the type of hosting that you should go for, that really does come down to your specific situation. Are you a small business that is likely to have very low volumes of visitors to start off with? Do you want to keep your costs as low as possible until you know how well your business is going to do?

There are a few different options for you to think about. Free hosting is okay if you have no budget and the only way you can have a website is through this route. Don’t expect great performance and be aware that your hosts will use your website as they choose, so you might get ad banners appearing all over your website.

Shared hosting can be arranged for about £5 per month for the basic packages. This gives you more control over your website and better performance levels and is easily the best web hosting option for serious online business’s. The costs are still fairly low because you are sharing your server with other customers. However, if you are going to be getting large volumes of traffic and you don’t want your website to slow down, you may need to go for the dedicated or VPS option. Whilst these types of hosting work out considerably cheaper, they are also more secure and enable you to have full control over your website.

It all comes down to what your website’s hosting requirements look like now and also being able to support your future scenarios.