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The Best Techy Company Cars

Providing your staff with the perfect company car is something that involves a number of important considerations. Besides the obvious cost concerns, other factors like the image of the company need to be measured, as does the requirement for technology. Here we take a look at some of the best techy company cars.

High Rollers and Electric SUVs

Starting with executive vehicles that cost in excess of £35,000, it is worth checking out the BMW i3. Noted as being one of the best electric vehicles on the road this compact SUV oozes class and has an impressive range of technology and gadgetry to support the driver – it’s a smart car.

According to BMW the i3 has intelligent connectivity and one of the features of this is voice recognition. In addition, the driver is able to “read the range of your vehicle by using your smartwatch” and “pre-condition the car via your smartphone”. Perhaps the i3’s most impressive tech credentials, however, are those associated with its environmentally friendly design.

Business Saloons

The Lexus IS is another executive motor car, but the cost is a little less, coming in at around £33,000 and has everything you would expect from this class of vehicle. It is high on performance and low on emissions, but what about the tech capabilities?

Well, it has an infotainment system with integrated satnav and a 7” media display screen and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as 2 USB sockets. The Lexus IS or an equivalent could be your next company car staple, so check out the deals for businesses at Allied Fleet.

Anyone for Golf?

Jump down another price bracket and the pick of the bunch has to be the VW Golf. For a little under £20,000, the Golf has earned an impressive reputation for both performance and reliability.

Here again one of the tech features to highlight is the Bluetooth connectivity for your smartphone and on board satnav, but, with a Golf there is an added extra – Apple CarPlay. You can stream 45 million songs whilst driving to that important business meeting and the first 6 months are free.

The better equipped you staff are, the better prepared they are and so thinking carefully about the options you give them when it comes to a company car can reap dividends. Choose from one of our top 3 choices here and you can be sure that you speculating to accumulate.