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June 2011 Monthly Traffic Report – Digital Conqurer

As you have already know, We at Digital Conqurer always believe in sharing everything new about technology at this community as well as stay in contact with our readers to improvise the qualit of content we share around World Wide Web.

Digital Conqurer has published 530 articles till date & have not only gained traffic but trust as well. We are at the perfect stage right now for a spontaneous growth & our aims of reaching new heights are already clear in our mind this moment.

As a part of this growth, we are making some pre-planned changes in Digital Conqurer. Starting from July 2011we are publishing quick Traffic reports of every month.

Reports regarding all the traffic details would be great way to calculate our growth as well as for you to know how well are we performing.e

Second change will be the Feedback option you will be getting for first visit on this blog – So that we can get all data regarding what kind of traffic we attract & what more we can do for increasing our reach.

Third change will be , Focus on subscribers – We might encourage you to susbscribe to our free mailing list – So that you can get all the latest tech updates directly to your mailbox daily.

We are also going to start off giving away some goodies like Free hosting, Domains, iPods & Gadgets to cheer you up as well as to keep your lust for technology & web.

Traffic Report July 2011 [ Monthly Report ]

As you can see we have :

Unique Visitors : 62,582

Pageviews : 99,412

These statistics are increased by 23 % compared to last month & overall effect we have on our earnings as well as reach has been completely improvised.

We are looking for your inputs in every next growth stage we are going in to. Please do not hesitate to share your views, opinions, articles, tricks & any kind of suggestions.

You can just reply here in comments or you can hit my personal mailbox here at – [email protected]