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Five Ways that Solid Infographics Can Improve Your Traffic

When it comes to online content marketing strategies, most businesses follow the same formula when creating their content. They resort to using catchy headlines that grab the reader’s attention, followed up with a well formatted and engaging article. While this can go a long way to increase web traffic to the site, the truth is that using Infographics to relay information results in the content being liked and shared three times more than other material. Here are five ways you can increase traffic to your website with solid infographics.

Draw New Visitors to Your Site

According to the Top Marketing Schools, adding a single infographic to your content marketing strategy will reach an estimated 15 million Internet users. Imagine how many new users you could reach by incorporating more Infographics into your overall content marketing strategy.

Keep Visitors

Studies conducted by the Nielson/Norman Group show that the estimated average page visit lasts less than a minute. So, unless you grab the reader’s interest, they will glance over the page, quickly moving onto the next site. Providing a visual representation of interesting facts in the form of an infographic creates a faster way for you to present valuable information than several paragraphs of text.

Social Media Reach

In recent years, the number of adults that use social media sites has risen to about 73 percent. Creating infographics that are interactive, by including clickable links and videos, helps to engage your audience better, increasing the chances that they will share the content with others.

Adds Authority

Most people are visual learners, resulting in them believing what they see because they are better able to comprehend better the information they are being presented with. Doing research and backing up the information presented in your infographic can increase your brand’s authority. For businesses that aren’t adept at creating graphics, there are numerous companies that offer infographic design service options to help you create a visually appealing infographic

Creates a Sticky Website

Every website owner strives to have a sticky website, one that captures their visitors’ attention and encourages them to spend more time browsing the content. Infographics add that visual element that makes your audience want to come back to your site time and again. By including simple techniques like adding colored arrows, bold, large text, and encapsulated text, readers will have an increasing desire to read that content presented to them.

Influence Others to Your Way of Thinking

A recent study found that when an audience was presented with a verbal presentation, only 50 percent of the participants were persuaded, while presentations that provided both verbal and visual features were able to persuade 67 percent of the audience. Including infographics in your content marketing strategy can help you pursued others about trends and statistics that are important to your business.

Infographics are a different method for adding fresh info that is trending. They tend to be indexed more quickly by Google algorithms, which can increase your page rank on the search engine. Including infographics in your content marketing strategy can help you attract more visitors to your site, helping you grow your business.