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All New Digital Conqurer Look & Content

Yup, its done & we are now online with new look for this blog named Digital Conqurer. We have not just changed the skin to make it feel new, but we are also trying to improve quality of content that you get here.

We have reached the monthly unique visitors more than 15,000 & page views 30,000. All this was possible because you admired the the things we have posted at

Giving this new look to DC, was an effort to make site more accessible to you & more interactive as well.

Now you can search site easily with our advanced image search, subscribe easily with RSS & Email at right top of homepage. Social bookmarking & commenting is also more improved in this new look.

I am also trying to connect this blog with a CMS which will give you all details about new cellphones that are coming uo in the market with technical specifications.

All we are looking for is feedback about what are those topics you need help with ? , which products you think needs review & which don’t ? , what problems you are facing while gadgets ? , and which are the topics you think you can write for this blog which are from your personal experience ?

Please mail us, comment us & get involved in improving the digital conqurer community so we can grow in right direction.

Seeking Positive Response from all you Geeks. . .