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5 Things Every Small Business Needs in Their Building

Every small business needs tools to help it grow and prosper, but often we forget about the physical aspects of the business. Alongside cloud storage, good websites, and effective customer service, small businesses also need to have these five things in their building. These items will help your business run smoothly, be more secure, and stay within the fire code of your city. Here are five things every small business needs in their building.

1. Security

The sad fact of the modern world is that there are dangers to consider when you’re running a business. Having good security in your building is crucial to keeping not only the business itself safe from unwanted visitors, but also to keeping your employees safe from those that would wish them harm. Whether it’s a disgruntled former employee or just someone with ill will on their mind, you must protect your business from unwelcome visitors with a security system.

This will also help you protect any inventory you keep on-site safe from theft or sabotage. Too many times have we heard of stories of business’s inventory being tampered with, or of someone entering a business with violent intent and injuring or even killing people inside.

Your security system should require some kind of key card or code to enter the building, some real-time video feeds, and an alarm system for when you’re away. Your insurance may require your business to have a security system, so be sure to check the details of the policy to avoid any disagreement should a claim be made.

2. Good Internet

A good internet connection is essential to the productivity of the modern small business. A slow connection or one that goes in and out of service can seriously decrease your employees’ productivity throughout the day and cause more than a little frustration. Imagine being in the middle of a project on the cloud when suddenly the internet cuts out, and everything you just spent the last few hours working on is lost. That would be incredibly frustrating and detrimental to the success of the day!

Finding a good ISP can be a challenge if you live in certain areas. Not every part of the country has access to things like 5G connections or fiber optics, but if you need better internet, try an ISP search on to find one that fits your needs. A good internet connection is nothing less than a necessity for modern businesses, so don’t be cheap with it!

3. A Break Room

You might be surprised by how many small businesses don’t actually have a break room in their building. Break rooms are actually quite important to improving the culture and interpersonal relationships within your small business. These non-work areas give employees a place to talk casually, take a break from the cubicle or work environment, and can even act as brainstorming centers. A good break room can help your employees avoid burnout and gives them tools like a refrigerator for lunches brought from home and microwaves to warm up food.

The break room acts as a calming center that’s separate from the work environment, which can make all the difference in a long eight-hour day behind a desk. A separate, calm, and community-oriented environment will keep employees at ease and allow a much-needed mental break. We’ve all reached the point in the day where we can’t look at our computers anymore, and a break room is where we usually go for a quick break.

4. Standing Desks

As more information becomes available regarding the effects of sitting for hours each day on the body, standing desks in the modern office are becoming a staple of office culture. Standing desks can actually help increase blood flow to the brain, which can make your employees more productive and less exhausted at the end of the day. Sitting for hours per day also increases your risk for health complications like diabetes, heart disease, and more.

Give your employees the chance to shake things up by offering standing desks as an alternative to traditional cubicle seating. They’ll thank you for the opportunity to stand and stretch their muscles throughout the day, and you may even find that their productivity increases as blood flow improves.

5. Fire Escape Plans/Extinguishers

Not only does having fire extinguishers and an escape plan posted on the wall keep your employees safe, but it’s also required as per your municipality’s fire code. Fire escape plans can help save lives when the fire alarm rings, pointing everyone to the nearest exit so they can get out of the burning building. An extinguisher can prevent a small fire from becoming larger, but remember that extinguisher education is equally important. An extinguisher should never be used to try to battle a large fire, and escape should always be the first choice in the event of a major fire.