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How To Choose The Best Gaming Headphones 

Ask any true gamer and they’ll tell you a million reasons why gaming headphones are not just extra accessories BUT an important part of a good gaming setup. Despite the fact that you can still game without it, there are lots of things you won’t enjoy without good gaming headphones.

With the increase of great shooters and adventure titles with realistic sounding environments and weaponry, a bad headphone can totally affect your gaming experience. So what features and qualities do you have to look for when shopping for high-quality gaming headphones?

Sound Quality and Microphone

Good sound quality is an important thing to consider when choosing a gaming headphone. In fact, it’s the most crucial factor in determining the quality of today’s gaming headphones. Unlike regular headphones designed for music listening, gaming headphones need to have high-quality audio to respond quickly and accurately in-game.

Noise Cancellation. A gaming headphone with high-sound quality should have noise cancellation. This allows you to enjoy crystal clear gameplay sound and experience the full depth of the game. For team-based games that need constant communication, this feature allows you to hear your fellow players with utmost clarity without the annoying background noise or clattering mechanical keys! This can even give you a competitive edge and can make the difference between a devastating defeat or a glorious victory.

Mute Features. Although this is more like an extra feature, some of the best gaming headphones today have mute features. This allows gamers to quickly turn off their microphones when they need to go “AFK” in order to have a real conversation or get a drink from the fridge.

Immersive Sound. For gamers who enjoy FPS games, you’ll probably want headsets with surround sound. This will help you a lot in-game when you have to rely on sound to find the location of your enemy or need to quickly turn around to escape an enemy charging towards you.

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Comfort and Design

Gaming can be a very time-consuming hobby which can easily take an hour or more of your time. If you’ll be sitting and playing for a long while, you’ll also want to stay comfortable throughout your game. Now, there are many kinds of headphones design that look sleek and cool however doesn’t provide much comfort.

Although comfort is personal, and what’s comfortable to you may be different from another person, there are certain features that are often recommended by most users because of the great level of comfort they give. So what makes beautifully designed gaming headphones for comfort?

  • Lightweight. If you want a comfortable gaming session, choose lightweight headsets built with aluminum components. When it comes to headphones, lighter is always better. You’ll probably be playing for hours and you need headphones that won’t be too heavy on your head.
  • Adjustable headbands. Choose headbands that can easily be adjusted so that it won’t press your ear or head. Good gaming headphones should feel like you’re not wearing anything while using it.
  • High-quality ear cups. The shape, material, and design of your headphone’s ear cup are also important for your comfort. If you’ve got small ears, around ear-cups is the best choice. If you’ve got bigger sized ears, you’ll want larger oval ear cups. They might price a bit higher compared to other models, but they’re comfortable and light. Most of them also provide a cushion for your ear so that you won’t feel any pain even after hours of usage.
  • Cooling features. Many manufacturers have already started creating cooling mechanisms in their gaming headphones. Using headphones for longer periods of time can feel hot on your ears. With an internal cooling system, you can game as long as you like without feeling any discomfort.

Wired or Wireless

Gaming headphones can be wired or wireless. If you’re on console, you’ll want the freedom to sit on your couch several feet away from your television, in which case, wireless is the best option. However, if you game on PC with an accessible gaming monitor and hardware, you can settle for wired gaming headphones if you don’t mind having another wire on your desk.

While wireless will give you much freedom in movement, it can also sometimes be a hassle to charge or change batteries. Wired gives you nonstop gaming experience so you can enjoy your game without having to worry about charging your device.

At the end of the day, the kind of headset that’s perfect for you will depend on your preference for sound quality, comfort, design, and extra features. Make sure that you know exactly what you need in a headset so that you don’t pay for extra functionalities you may not need. However, if you’re willing to spend hundreds of dollars in one, make sure that you’ve tried it out in person or have done all your research before purchasing it.

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