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Best Open-Back Headphones for Gaming (2022)

A good pair of open-back headphones for gaming promises an immersive experience with features such as excellent sound quality and commendable comfort. But with the plethora of options available on the market today, choosing one can be difficult.

The model you choose should provide sound such that it’s easy for you to pinpoint gunshot location and footsteps easily. It should also allow accurate and powerful sound reproduction across various frequencies so that you can fully enjoy the game. And of course, it should be comfortable enough so that you can enjoy long hours of gaming.

To help you narrow down your options, here’s a list of some of the best open-back headphones available for gaming today.

1.  Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR

Best Open Back Headphones Under $300

These are one of the best mid-priced on-ear headphones, and a number of features make them a great option for gaming. The headset boasts commendable construction that does not creak while the ear cups are made using high-quality plastic even though it has a metal-like look. The overall look of the headset is similar to what you would expect from a premium model because of the real leather, steel, and memory foam used for it.

The headband itself has a self-adjusting hammock design made using dual metal tubing which is covered by a leather strap. This promises a comfortable fit over the head. Meanwhile, the ear cups are big enough and feature detachable pads. And finally, the headset has a removable cable. The cable port is on the left ear cup.

Despite being a little heavy, the Philips Fidelio is comfortable enough to wear for quite a few hours without experiencing any fatigue. The soft and thick memory foam pads and the self-adjusting headband ensure great comfort. And even though the headband is mesh-padded, it doesn’t create hotspots on your head. Of course, like with most headbands, the clamp is pretty noticeable but it’s not uncomfortable.

And finally, the Fidelio has a V-shaped sound signature with a boosted bass and treble, which makes it a great pick for gaming as well as movies and music. However, the low to mid-range is a little recessed. The bass is also tight, the treble is balanced and well-controlled, and the soundstage’s depth and width are good, spacious, and natural. In fact, the overall imaging and soundstage are pretty impressive.


  • Large soundstage ensures an immersive experience
  • Very comfortable
  • Durable and built to last


  • The bass can be a little muddy


2.  Sennheiser HD 599

Best Open-Back Headphones Under $200

The Sennheiser HD599 is the best option for entry-level audiophiles. It has a beautiful ivory color and a matte finish along with a brown headband stitching, making it a great addition to any gaming setup.

Best Open Back Headphones - 2022

The HD 599 is made entirely of price, which is disappointing given the headset’s price, but it’s still well-built, durable, and sturdy. Plus, the plastic construction means that the headband is lightweight, which ensures comfort. Plus, the padded soft leatherette covering the headband further adds to the comfort. The headband also offers many size adjustments, allowing a good fit for different head sizes.

The ear cups are pretty big with the left one featuring a 3.5 mm port. They not only cover the ears well but they make sure the ears don’t touch the headset drivers. Soft breathable velour covers the ear pads. And unlike the Philips X2HR, the clamping force is quite light so much so that it feels like the headset is floating around your head.

But there’s no doubt – the sound quality takes the cake. The bass is quite deep and hits hard and there’s no rumble or thump. The lower mids are quite forward while the higher are slightly recessed, giving more volume to the sound. This makes sure you can even hear the instruments well. The treble is also well-extended and both the imaging and wide soundstage are excellent.

Sennheiser HD 599 Open Back Headphones

A removable cable and a pair of 3-meter cables are also included in the package.


  • Audible bass with clean and pleasant highs
  • Super comfortable ear cups
  • Quite beautiful with a nice style and color


  • The plastic build makes the model look cheap

3.  Shure SRH1840

Best Open Back Headphones Under $500

Another great open-back headphone that you should definitely check out is the Shure SRH1840. This model is characterized by its aviation-grade aluminum frame and steel parts that are built to last for a while. The vented center pole piece, coupled with the open-back design, ensures consistent and natural audio.

Shure SRH1840 - Premium Open-back Headphones

What makes it particularly good for gaming is its excellent acoustic performance thanks to its 40mm individually matched neodymium drivers. Its ability to deliver high notes and accurate bass is praised and loved by most audiophiles.

The construction is pretty lightweight thanks to the aluminum headband and the steel grilles. Plus, the headset frame is adjustable, allowing you to get the ideal fit. In addition to that, the ear cups are large and heavily padded and encompass your ears without causing any discomfort. However, you might not like the clunky double-entry cords.

Since the driver housing is made of steel, there’s no doubt about this device’s durability. The vented center pole piece gets rid of internal resonance while enhancing linearity. Plus, you can connect the headphones to any external amplification system and enjoy precise customization.

The SRH1840 6.9-feet-long dual-exit detachable cables allow for hassle-free storage. Plus, the gold-plated MMCX connectors help ensure lossless transmission. An added bonus is the hard carrying case that comes with the model for ease of transportation.

Shure SRH1840 Premium Open-back Headphones


  • Very detailed sound with smooth highs and solid lows
  • Frequency response, imaging, and soundstage are ideal for gaming
  • Luxurious feel and superb build quality


  • Quite expensive


Open-back headphones are known for providing an immersive experience to users thanks to their unique design. They lower the isolation between you and the surroundings and the wide soundstage almost makes you feel like you’re completely surrounded by the audio. But of course, personal preference also plays a big role. While we’ve covered the top 3 open-back headphones for gaming, we recommend that you do your own research before finalizing a purchase so that you don’t regret it!