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Best Android Games With Controller Support

In order for everyone to have the opportunity to play, gaming has grown widely to encompass a variety of platforms. Gaming has never been more accessible thanks to cellphones as it is right now. Simple games like the timeless 2048 can be found on phones, as well as much harder games like Genshin Impact. The only factors limiting phone players are the caliber of their equipment and the available storage. As a person becomes more passionate about gaming, they can determine that touch screen controls are insufficient. Fortunately, controller support is carried over when games are converted from PC or console to mobile. That implies that if users so desire, people can play specific games on their phones using a variety of controllers. With the availability of keyboard and controller compatibility through programs like BlueStacks, playing mobile games on a PC has become a more viable choice. There are several games that allow for simple tweaking and are among the best Android games with controller support if you want to stay mobile but want a more comfortable type of control.


1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge is one of the more well-known Android games that Netflix Games has recently released. The creators of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game, a fantastic beat ’em up in and of itself, have created this superb sidescrolling brawler. So Shredder’s Revenge is a great option if you’re searching for a game with some vintage flair. It also features artwork that is similar of the original cartoon from the 1980s, making it appear to be a throwback. Included controller support functions just as well as it does on consoles. Although a Netflix subscription is required, if you already have one, you can play without paying any additional fees. 

2. Railbound

The creator of Railbound, a new Android game from the same studio as the excellent Golf Peaks puzzler, is extremely impressive. The gameplay, in which you connect trains by putting down rails, is fun to play. The game has wonderfully appealing graphics and smooth animations. Additionally, it’s quite well-polished and has a charming motif, which makes it irresistible. It also supports controllers, making it compatible with all of the top Android controllers, like the other games on this list. Do not be misled by the name; Railbound is not a train simulator. Although it uses train tracks and locomotives as a puzzle tool, each of Railbound’s 150 levels’ objectives is to connect train cars to the engine car in the proper sequence. That entails creating the track in a precise way to get there. 


3. Vampire Survivors

A game that quickly gained popularity among Steam Deck users is now being released specifically for Android devices. It provides controller support as a good port. You can play in either landscape or portrait to fit your favorite playing style, and it works nicely with touch controllers. In essence, Vampire Survivors is a top-down auto shooter with a ton of never-ending adversaries. As you progress through the game, it’s your job to gather upgrades in order to take out more and more foes. This is a roguelike, so you’ll die a lot. However, each death gives you the chance to improve your stats, so each run gives you the chance to outperform the previous one.

4. Streets of Rage 4

Many people grew up playing the brawlers in the Streets of Rage series, which Sega had on its hands. Despite the fact that the series seemed to be over, DotEmu published a fantastic sequel in 2020. The best beat ’em game to be released in a while, it features updated graphics that are appropriate for use on modern devices while paying homage to the oldies. The game has excellent controller support, thus it only makes sense to include it in our roundup of controller support now that it has made it to Android. Even though the touch controls are effective, using something a bit extra sensory, like a controller, will make it easier for you to master this difficult game. This release is a premium one. It costs $8 to purchase a copy. It costs $4 to get the extra DLC. The game’s infinite mode gives it a ton of longevity, so it’s well worth the extra money. Additionally, a few other characters are given to you, and they are also rather nice. Give one of the top brawlers a try on Android if you haven’t already. It plays well, and is affordable.


5. Dead Cells

One of the best roguelike platformers to be released in recent years is Dead Cells, and the Android port is excellent. The game’s settings give you the option of 30 fps, 60 fps, or infinite fps. The game should operate flawlessly on any device, high-end or low-end, as there is also an HD graphics option. After spending a lot of time testing this game, it’s obvious that it works smoothly at its highest settings on powerful devices. The game excels because of its precise controls, which is made possible by the inclusion of controller compatibility. 


6. Rocket League Sideswipe

The Rocket League mobile version made by Psyonix is fantastic. The game is no longer in 3D, but the twitch controls from the original are still present. Instead, you use a 2D plane to move the ball from one side of the screen to the other. Controllers can be used. You must play with one if you want to compete because this game necessitates precise timing at crucial periods. In an emergency, you can still have some fun with the touch controls. However, if you want to move up the ranks, controllers are the way to go. Overall, this is a hilarious bite-sized representation of the actual thing. 

7. Into the Breach

On its brand-new Netflix Gaming platform, Netflix has been aggressively releasing mobile games, and it has even scored a few exclusives, including Into the Breach. One of its highest ratings is for this strategic game. It’s an indie hit with pixel graphics and well-known turn-based strategic gameplay that takes place on a grid. Play Into the Breach for Android if you like games like X-Com and Final Fantasy Tactics but haven’t done it yet. Since this is a Netflix game, you must have an active Netflix account subscription to access it. 


8. Townscaper

Townscaper is a fantastic city-building game with a great sandbox with no goals, no timers, and no interruptions. You may not have heard of it. You can construct however you choose, and since it only requires tapping the screen to do so, anyone can play. This is a simple city builder that practically anyone can learn. It’s also quite lovely, with great lighting that makes it ideal for taking pictures of your towns. Additionally, you can change the lighting’s direction and intensity. Additionally, the touch controls are excellent and controller support is available. Overall, Townscaper is a fantastic city-building game that is great for unwinding after a hard day. 

9. The Ramp

If you’re a huge fan of skateboarding video games, The Ramp might be immediately attractive to you. This game strips the genre back to its essentials, emphasizing the importance of performing spectacular tricks while constructing lines with seamless transitions. There are a variety of ramps to pick from, so you won’t get bored when using them. Although touch controls can be used in a pinch, a controller’s accuracy is unmatched. Controllers are supported. Though you can play a few sessions on your phone for mobility, this game is best enjoyed on big screens with a controller nearby. Don’t miss out on The Ramp, one of the top Android skateboarding games that is also free. 


10. Brawlhalla

Since the gameplay is similar to that of Smash Bros, calling Brawlhalla a Smash Bros clone is the simplest way to describe it. This is essentially a brawler on a free-to-play basis. The game has a cosmetics cash shop and an optional Battle Pass subscription that grants users greater prizes than those given to free gamers. Despite the fact that touchscreen controls are included and may be customized in the game’s settings, it is recommended that you use an external controller. Overall, Brawlhalla’s Android port compares favorably, and thanks to cross-play functionality, you may play against your pals regardless of their preferred gaming platform. 

11. DOOM

Many people love DOOM because it essentially invented the first-person shooter subgenre. Even though many people prefer to play the game through an emulator, Bethesda’s official Android edition is a valuable adaptation of the old game for smartphones. The touch controls are excellent, and the compatibility for Xbox and PS4 controllers is a nice sight, but the soundtrack does seem a little weird. This game is a great release for Chromebook users because it also supports keyboard and mouse capabilities. The Play Store has the second game in the series for the same price as the first, if you’re interested.


12. Stardew Valley

A farming and life simulation game with a devoted following is Stardew Valley. This game is one where you could easily spend hundreds of hours. Things are straightforward at first. You’ll sow a few seeds and perhaps raise a few chickens. If you like to play at a relaxed pace, that’s great. But when you go farther, you’ll discover a game with a rich narrative and an unending campaign. A great option is Stardew Valley, especially considering how well it works with gamepads. The Android rendition of the game controls well overall, albeit the gamepad compatibility falls short of those of the console versions.