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A Guide To Online Gaming Tournaments

Apart from the enjoyment and relaxation one may gain while playing a video game, the presence of a ranking system, which is shown as a leaderboard, is perhaps the reason why video games have become more popular these days. A player’s rank is determined by multiple factors such as kill streaks, numbers of assists, and even their best plays. Countless players have devoted hundreds, if not thousands, of hours mastering their game of choice in order to reach the top of the leaderboard.

With the never-ending stream of talented players joining the industry, the eSports community has become increasingly competitive. This has made being number one more fulfilling than ever before!

Before joining an online gaming tournament for real money, read on for a quick guide to online gaming tournaments. With this, you’ll be equipped with the right knowledge that’ll help you navigate the industry.

What Are Esports?

Usually, the term ‘eSports’ (electronic sports) refers to video games played at a competitive level. Nowadays, however, it’s associated with big-budget tournaments catering to a live audience in a huge arena.

Recently, given the rise of video streaming platforms and online multiplayer games, the eSports industry has grown more popular since it’s now capable of reaching a wider audience. This has resulted in attracting millions of viewers, from avid fans and potential eSports stars to players engaging in bets, inspiring various sponsors to host tournaments across the world.

Similar to how professional sports have operated for decades, the rise in sponsorships and tournament prize pools have encouraged gamers to train and invest in top-notch equipment and software in order to participate in eSports events. Some become so successful in this regard that they go on to become eSports personalities who earn money through gaming.


Best Esports To Watch

Just because you’re not playing competitively, it doesn’t mean you can no longer support your favorite eSports game or team. As a fan or member of the audience, you can still make money out of eSports, which is done through betting, specifically in the most prominent tournaments.

League of Legends (LoL), Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) are considered the titans of eSports. In addition to housing the most competitive teams, these games offer the biggest prize pools in the industry. What’s more, these titles are free-to-play, which means there’s a large community for you to interact with, making betting much easier.

Here’s a glimpse of each game’s recent tournament along with the prize money:

  • LoL: With a month or two of top-level gameplay, LoL’s end-of-the-year event is one of the longest in eSports history. This is rightly so since the highly competitive process comes with a hefty reward. To illustrate, the 2020 League of Legends World Championship partially crowdfunded its USD$6,450,000 prize pool.
  • Dota 2: Dota Pro Circuit is broken into two divisions for every six regions. A generous USD$225,000 is allocated to the Upper Division, while the Majors’ prize pool begins at USD$500,000. These events run twice a year and provide 24/7 streams so you can easily bet on your favorite team. The prize of ‘The International 10,’ which is Dota’s grand tournament, is yet to be revealed, but it’s believed that the prize pool will be around USD$40,000,000, making it the largest in eSports tournament history.
  • CS: GO: Due to the pandemic, CS: GO has held most of its tournament online, but it’ll return to local area network (LAN) play this October. The PGL Major has also announced plans for opening with a USD$2,000,000 prize pool, which means that CS: GO teams from all over the globe can get together again to compete.

Participating In Esports

Every professional gamer’s advice on how to be a successful eSport athlete boils down to one thing: a passion for gaming. Hence, if you want to have a career in gaming, it’s a must to devote yourself to your craft.

Ask yourself what motivates you to play video games. Do you do it simply for leisure, or do you have a natural zeal for it? The answers to those questions should inspire you to continue improving your gaming skills and aiming to be the best at what you do. By practicing discipline, joining a gaming community, contributing to a team, and working hard, you’ll soon be on your way to becoming a true eSport athlete.


Gone are the days when video games are seen as a waste of time. In fact, one can now make money with video games, be it through streaming, participating in online tournaments, or even betting. Hence, whether you’re an enthusiast or an aspiring professional gamer, you can play online games in a lucrative manner. That’s an opportunity surely no one can pass up, right?