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Kaadoo, A New Gifting Option For This Vacation!

Kaadoo, the big board game is a safari on the go. Diinesh Kumble, an avid wildlife photographer inspired by the diversity of wildlife, conceptualized and indigenously developed Kaadoo. This new game is available for gifting for all ages and helps enhance their bond with friends and family this Christmas vacation.

It intrigues the players more about myriad species and interesting geographies. Kaadoo is designed for a group of four players and gets exciting over every game. It’s anybody’s delight – a way to learn, explore, experience and enjoy the pleasures of nature.

The playing guidelines are simple and elucidated in 17 different languages.  Every card is handcrafted with trivia about the animal, making it a worthwhile education while having fun. Currently available in two avatars – Spots & Stripes encompassing the Nilgiri Biosphere and Migration Mania covering the fauna of the African Savannah, Kaadoo will soon be out in different editions covering National Parks from around the world.

Diinesh Kumble, Chief Creator of Kaadoo says “the joy of bonding while sitting around a table on a cold wintry day and playing board games can never be lost in the mayhem of technological offerings. Board games have outlasted many wars and withstood the trials and tribulations of time”.


With winter fast approaching and the holiday season beginning with Christmas, it’s that time of the year to thank the year gone by and welcome a new one, to share, distribute, meet up with friends, cozy up to the cold weather and play a round of board game. Kaadoo is available on,, and Saphire toy shops.

There are two editions of Kaadoo

  1. Spots & Stripes – Explore the Nilgiri Biosphere

In this, players can explore the exciting fauna that abounds the National Parks of Southern India.  Here, the prized find is the elusive Black Panther which can be found while points are accumulated with the Tiger, Leopard, Gaur, Elephants, Lion-tailed Macaque and other denizens of the jungle. Cost Rs. 900.

  1. Migration Mania – Explore the African Savannah

In this edition, players will experience the thrill of watching lions on a kill, wildebeest migration, cheetah with cubs, a resting leopard and many other joys that one may experience while on a safari through Africa. Cost Rs. 1125.