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Rise of Smartphone Operating Systems – Exclusive Infographic!

As most of the smartphone users are opting Android & iOS as the their smartphone operating system, there are still some big developments by other competitors as well. Smartphone OSes like Windows Phone are progressing really fast where as RIM’s Blackberry OS is revamping to stay in the competition.

But what is that the whole world is using? Which is most opted OS in US, and which one is getting least attention by smartphone users? – If you do not know the answers for all these questions, I have an precise Infographic developed exclusively for you.

‘Smartphone Users, By Numbers’ – is an exclusive info graphic produced by CouponAudit and DigitalConqurer together, to share the exact details of how Smartphone Operating Systems are rising over the past few years.

Good news is you can share this inforgraphic on your blog or website by giving proper credit to us. Here is the quick embed code you can copy and paste in your code, for embedding our infographic!

This Infographic is Co-produced by CouponAudit and Digitalconqurer