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How To Quickly Reset Your Forgotten/Blocked ATM PIN – Union Bank of India Debit Card

I recently got my Union Bank of India ATM Card/ Debit card renewed, and I received a new PIN from the Bank in the secured envelope. As a security major, I changed the original PIN I recieved with my Visa Debit Card.

Next morning, when I visited ATM for some cash withdrawal, I faced the ATM error – that ‘YOUR ATM PIN IS INCORRECT‘.

I was pretty confident that what my changed PIN is, and I tried the card several times, resulting into the Blocked Debit Card PIN!

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So if you have just lost the ATM PIN, or have forgotten it, or just want to change it, I used a quick 5-minute way to Change the PIN of my Union Bank of India debit card.

Steps To Recover Your Forgotten/Lost/Blocked ATM / Debit Card

We are using a IVR on a toll-free number provided by the Union Bank of India for its customers.

Step 1. Call 1800-2222-44 from your registered mobile number with your bank account. This is very important, as it will send you an tracker ID on the same number. So Make sure you use only registered phone number.

Step 2. Now Select your preferred language, I used option 1 for Hindi.

Step 3. Select option 2 for Debit related queries.

Step 4. Now to Register for ATM PIN Select option 4.

Step 5. Selection option 1, to recive the tracker ID. And Enter Union Bank of India Account number, when asked. Select Option 1 to confirm the number.

Step 6. Then select 16-digit Debit Card number.

Step 7. Now Enter your Birth Date in DDMMYY format. (e.g. user 15011988 for 1th of January 1988)

Now you will receive a tracker ID on your registered phone number. Write it down on the paper.

Step 8. Now Call 1800-2222-44 again, and Select Lnaguage, Option 2, And Option 4 again, for confirming the tracker ID.

But this time, select option 2.

Step 9. Feed the ATM number and Expiry of Card in MMYY format.

Step 10. Now you enter your new PIN, and confirm it by re-entering the PIN again.

And that’s it. Make sure you remember your Union Bank of India Debit card’s forgotten or lost PIN this time, and follow the same steps if needed in future.

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5 Responses

    1. Hey, most UBI User IDs 7 digits without any prefix like SB, it must be for your Savings bank. Try just the number 22003*8 for user ID, and your password to log in.

  1. I m using my family members debit card on other state
    And bank blocked it without any reason or warning.
    What should I do?? Im alone in new State that to without money.

    1. It must be blocked if you use the PIN wrong more than 3 or 5 times. Different banks have different conditions. Mostly cards are blocked for 24 hours.