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Download 13 Moto E Wallpapers: Fresh HD Full-Screen Wallpapers!

Moto E is the by far the most purchased budget phone of the year 2014, thanks to its features and specs at an affordable price range. But if you are one of the user of Moto E, there are rarely some fresh wallpapers that fits the full screen of Moto E.

Moto E Full Screen HD Wallpapers are those, which gives scrolling effect when you slide through home-screens. In general, the available Moto E wallpapers are single screen, making it harder for to fit a full screen. Even if you try, the main image gets cropped from top and bottom.

So solution for all this is availing wallpapers that are of native HD resolution available just like the pre-installed wallpapers on Moto E.

To make your life easier, our geek team members at Digital Conqurer have prepared these top 13 wallpapers for Moto E, that are ready to use.

Top 13 HD Wallpapers For Moto E

Following are the preview of all 13 fresh and unique wallpapers we have prepared for your loving Moto E device. The full wallpaper collection download link is available at the end of these photos.














Download 13 Moto E Wallpapers

How To Install Full-Screen HD Wallpapers on Moto E

 1. Connect your Moto E to computer or laptop using a data cable.

2. Open your SD card or Internal Storage drive from Moto E.

3. Make a New Folder or Copy all these downloaded wallpapers in their. (Make sure you unzip the downloaded wallpapers file, before you copy.)

4. Disconnect your Moto E from the computer.

5. Now you should press and hold the home screen.

6. Select your favorite file browser (like ES File Explorer ), and navigate to where you copied your files.

7. Now select the Wallpaper you want to use for your Moto E.

8. Now drag and expand the selection box to full image. This is most important step if you want to make your Moto E Wallpaper scrollable on home-screen.

9. And that’s it, you have your wallpaper all set!

I hope you have enjoyed these wallpapers for Motorola E Android smartphone, for more such wallpapers, tutorials, device reviews, apps and gaming news be sure to subscribe to our blog or like us on Facebook.