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iRobot Roomba 890 Review

Are you ready to explore the world of Robot vacuums? Well,iRobot Roomba 890 is a perfect start. Well, just like the other iRobot.

Roomba family the Roomba 890 is circular with a black outer ring leads to creating a fantastic look. I will highlight every fundamental aspect of this robot cleaner that you need to know.


The Roomba 890 as I had earlier said doesn’t deviate from the earlier has almost the same measurement with the other designs with 13.9 inches in diameter and 3.6 inches in height. It has a bumper ring with a perimeter of 890 that withstands the pressure that the vacuum experiences as it bumps into furniture and walls. Additionally, it has a handle on its top part which allows users to move it with ease.


The following are notable features of Roomba 890:

•  iAdapt navigation

The Roomba 890 uses a variety of sensors as it navigates in the room. These sensors are significant because it allows it to go under the furniture, avoid obstacles and prevents the vacuum cleaner from falling off stairs or bumping into walls.
Additionally, some sensors help Roomba 890 to detect dirtier areas thus allowing it to give a thorough cleaning.

Therefore,iAdapt uses a cleaning pattern that ensures the floor is cleaned perfectly.

  • AeroForce 3-stage cleaning system
  • The Roomba 890 has a three-stage cleaning system that involves:
  • Agitation
  • Extraction
  • The suction of dirt and debris.

This process is made possible by the following:

-Debris extractor
These have no brushes so as it extracts debris and dirt it doesn’t get tangled the way brushes do.

-The side brushes
These ensure that dirt and dust on the wall edges are removed and pushed to the bottom where they will be sucked.

-Gen 2 motor and debris extractor
It ensures better cleaning performance.

WIFI support

There is a recent feature that came recently for the Roombas. The Roomba 890 is among the four other Roomba which has WIFI support. This enables you to control the device from your home mobile app irrespective of the place you will be any time. Don’t let your house stay dirty while you can clean it even if you are a vacation in any part of this world. The home mobile app allows you to set cleaning schedules.

Alexa compatibility

You can use Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot or any other Alexa –powered device to deliver voice commands to your vacuum cleaner.
You can command it to recharge itself or start cleaning.

Dual mode virtual wall barrier

This is a navigation control device that restricts the Roomba 890 from cleaning the areas that you have restricted. Once it senses the infrared beam, it will not cross. You can do this where your dog is food bowl is or other areas depending on your choice.

Battery life

Roomba 890 can last up to 120 minutes per charge. When it senses the battery is running low, it will return to the dock and recharge itself.


The Roomba 890 has the following parts:

•  Filter

•  Charging station

•  Virtual Wall

How does it clean?

The Roomba 890 utilizes its three-stage cleaning process. Its sensors allow it to navigate through the room thus creating a map where it should clean. As it moves around the acoustic and optical sensors are useful in dirt detection, pet hair, and debris, and it gives priority such areas which need to be thoroughly cleaned.

It has two rolling brushes which agitate debris and dirt on the floor. It collects the dirt into the suction path for it to removed. After that, the vacuum cleaner will suck the debris and dirt and store them in the dustbin. To complete these process, it has high-efficiency filter fitted with HEPA to trap allergen which prevents hair from being contaminated by pet hair.

The Roomba 890 can clean your home in both free fashion and sporadic depending on the mode that you have set the vacuum cleaner. By incorporating all these features, it provides a perfect cleaning that you have always desired.

Roomba 890 is the best for pet hair

If you have furry friends in your house, they can mess around. Whether it is hairy dust under the chairs, spilled kibble on the matted tuffs, kitchen floor or the carpet you don’t have to worry all you need is to have Roomba 890.
It is pet-friendly for household cleaning performance. It has three cleaning system and a cleaning head that automatically adjusts its height. It can also switch cleaning modes between carpet and hardwood floors.

Additionally, it has a high-quality HEPA filter which is efficient in cleaning pet hair thus controlling allergens. This vacuum cleaner will correctly clean all the pet hair even underneath your furniture.


•  It is affordable compared to other Roomba series.

•  It has WIFI support, and it is compatible with Alexa

•  It has a virtual wall which prevents the cleaning of restricted places.

•  It has advanced dirt detection mechanism.

•  It has a longer battery life that can last up to 2 hours.

•  It has five* more air power.

•  It has the tangle-free dual multi-surface brush

•  It is also fitted with HEPA filters which guarantee up to 99% of allergen capture.

•  It has three cleaning system which cleans carpets, floors and pet hair


•  This robot vacuum cleaner can spill debris and dust when its bin is detached.

•  It is not suitable for high traffic rooms


 If you are looking for an automated cleaning partner and a vacuum cleaner that has WIFI support, then go for Roomba 890. This device can be controlled through the home mobile app, customizable and it is cheaper than other Roomba series. Moreover, Roomba 890 is the best for pet hair.

Additionally, once it detects that the battery is almost running out, it returns to the dock to recharge itself and resumes to cleaning your floor. You can also monitor its cleaning activities even when you are far away. Gone are the days when you needed to be there for your vacuum cleaner to clean the floor because ROOMBA 890 has taken over!

Many people have acknowledged its incredible performance. Therefore, get one for yourself don’t miss these beautiful features which guarantee a sparkling clean house.