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How to Design a Private Jet Interior to Suit Your Business Needs

Owning your own private jet can be so beneficial for your business. You can travel for work with ease, taking your colleagues with you if required, or get people to travel to come to you. You’re completely in control and don’t have to rely on the time constraints of commercial lines. This control takes over for the jet’s interior, too. How can your business make the most from a private jet interior?

Health and Safety

Now before you get too carried away and start designing your dream office in the sky, you need to be aware of health and safety regulations for aviation interior. There is much more to know than making over your home. Each and every part of the design has to adhere to strict aviation regulations. These are in place to keep you, and your business associates, safe so you need to make sure your jet’s design sticks to them.  You can get a jet expert to help you plan the design.


One of the most appealing aspects of owning your own private jet is the fact you can make it much more comfortable than flying in a commercial plane. You and your colleagues don’t need to be confined to seats and small tables. Even business class on most airplanes, while still offering more spread out seating arrangements, are still somewhat constricted. You can choose to have sofas for you to get as much leg room as you need. Large surfaces can be installed to make sure there is plenty of space to get some work done.


Thanks to your design, you can work in comfort and style. Once you’re on board, you need to work. This won’t be possible without working WiFi. You won’t have to worry about a slow connection during the flight, as you’re the one to choose your internet provider. You can ensure there is a high-speed connection from the moment you’ve entered to the plane to the point where you land at your final destination. Chapman Freeborn offer superb private charters to suit your business needs.


To make the jet accommodating as possible for your colleagues, you can install iPads on board. This means they don’t have to worry about carrying their laptops everywhere, and can easily access files. Plus, they don’t necessarily have to be at a desk to use their iPad. Everyone can take a seat, make themselves comfortable, and get to work.