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Pulp Strategy Communications Now Brings The Hindu Calendar On Your Phone Through Its New App!

In a world that has been conquered by technology today, nothing can escape digitization; not even the need to accomplish one’s spiritual desires. In view of this, Pulp Strategy Communications, a multi-award-winning young organisation in the realm of experiential, digital & interactive marketing unveils its latest utility lifestyle app- the ‘Hindu Calendar’, digitizing all the information you need pertaining to Hindu festive and religious dates, auspicious occasions and even astrology.

The easy to use app gives you ready access to the traditional Hindu calendar with a new digital UI. Based on the Hindu panchang, it marks out tithis, fasting days such as Sankashti, Ekadashi, Shivrathri as well as the Vedic Ritu, Paksha, Nakshatra, Mithuna (Sunsign), Dhanu (Moonsign), Yoga, sun rise & sun set time and Rahu Kalam. It highlights daily and pooja muhurat along with details on all the prominent Hindu festivals, legends, rituals, pooja vidhi and even customary recipes of traditional Indian delicacies.

Keeping in mind how people are usually very keen on basing crucial decisions based on their astrological impact, the app provides information about important dates, daily Muhurat’s, important festivals and rituals. You can get the Puja Vidhi, recipies for traditional festival food even get the Arti and popular prayers and set reminders all at the touch of a button.

If you are connected to your roots and love the rich Indian culture, it can help you learn trivia about Hindu temples ranging from their religious significance, legends, architectonics, timings, practices, festivities and celebrations.


Spokesperson, Pulp Strategy Communications commented, “Indians are today reside across the world, in small nuclear families, many times the elders are away and there is no one to check for small rituals that possibly grandma or mom used to keep a track of, it has those stories, popular folk lore, historical information as well as the complex religious rituals for those of our generation who want to follow traditions of their ancestors but may not have the information available on the how and when” . The Hindu calendar provides the option of being connected to our roots even when we are away from home. Today everybody wants everything at a click or a touch of their fingertips. India being the land of innumerable Gods, deities, rites and rituals, has a plethora of occasions occasion to celebrate and a complex set of rituals to follow. The Hindu Calendar app is our attempt to keep tradition alive, make such information accessible, enabling people to keep a track of their religious and spiritual obligations even in their modern day hectic lives. This is a smart version of your calendar’s traditional print-copy. It has been devised meticulously keeping minute aspects of a traditional Hindu calendar in mind.”

Pulp Strategy Communications’ Hindu calendar app is your quick reference guide to save and track your festivals, dates and learn more about the rich Hindu heritage. You can even create festival events with details and reminders.

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