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Elementor Pro Pricing Unleashed: Your Comprehensive Guide [2024]

The challenge of building a beautiful and functional WordPress website is solved by no-code platforms/plugins like Elementor. While most of the users using the free version are often confused about the new Elementor Pro Pricing introduced a couple of years back. But if you’re considering purchasing Elementor Pro

You can create your website using a variety of design templates provided by this simple-to-use WordPress plugin. Elementor’s drag-and-drop widgets make the platform user-friendly for beginners.

Elementor Pro Pricing

Long lines of code are no longer necessary. Elementor comes in both free and paid editions and trending features to help for you to build great websites.

While the free plan includes a number of functions, Elementor Pro’s advanced features raise the bar for web creation.

Elementor Pro Pricing Plans

The following article deeply discusses the variety of plants that Elementor offers, and in which one is right for your requirements.

You might wish to read our most recent review of Elementor Pro, in which we examine the platform’s capabilities and usability, before diving into the content:

It is a top no-code web page builder platform for website builders used by professionals including designers, marketers, growth hackers, and even developers.

Based on the sheer number of users, Elementor is without a doubt one of the most widely used premium WordPress page builders. Given the abundance of practical design components, templates, and widgets that this user-friendly builder is stocked with, this comes as no surprise.

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Elementor Pro Plans – How They’ve Evolved…

The Elementor Pro plans were well-known simplified and widely used due to the extensive range of advanced features they offer (including theme builder and form builder, among other things) – and at a fairly reasonable price. This is true even though the free version of Elementor offers plenty of functionality in and of itself.

Therefore, it goes without saying that a sizable portion of the WordPress community was in a panic when the developers of Elementor first proposed significant changes to their prices in February 2021.

If you only recently decided to utilize Elementor Pro, there isn’t much you can do except to become comfortable with this new pricing arrangement and everything it includes since new costs already went into effect on March 9th, 2021.

So let’s get right to the point and discuss the new Elementor pro pricing and what has changed from the previous version.

Finally, we will discuss what all of this implies for users who bought one of the previous Elementor plans before the new price structure went into effect, compare the old plans to the new ones, and mention a few of the new features that are now available.

The maximum plan on the old structure was $199/year which is now translated to the new Elementor Agency plan, which can go as high as $499 per year with some new features introduced.

It is time to delve deeper into each of these plans now that you are familiar with the primary pricing tiers for the Pro product This will assist you in determining which Elementor Pro plan best suits your needs.

Difference Between the Old and New Elementor Pricing?

Three levels make up the original Elementor pro pricing: Personal ($49 annually for a single site), Plus ($99 annually for three sites), and Expert ($199 annually for 1000 websites).

The only difference between these plans’ features was how many websites you could install and utilize Elementor Pro on.

On March 9th, 2021, the new Elementor Pro pricing went into effect, replacing the three prior plans with five new ones.

The costs of the first two plans remained constant, but the third one’s costs have dramatically increased, and two brand-new plans have also been included, along with some new practical features.

New Updated Elementor Pro Pricing Plans (2022)

Elementor Pro Pricing Plans - New and Updated


Formerly known as Personal, costs $49 for one website.

With the exception of giving access to more widgets and website kits (60+ pro website kits and 90+ basic and pro widgets), this plan is nearly identical to the previous one.

For up to three websites, Advanced (formerly Plus) is offered for $99 per month.

Again, the plan is essentially the same as the previous one with the exception of the name change and a few new features (such as in the new Essential plan).


The most significant change concerns the number of websites you can create with this plan, which has been reduced by 40 times, as you may now create 25 websites for $199 instead of 1000 as before.

You can access 20 expert site kits, 60+ professional website kits, and 90+ basic and professional widgets.

Having a profile on the Elementor Experts Network is another unique tool that you can use to promote your work and find new assignments more quickly.


You get VIP support and can activate it on up to 100 pro websites (which I will talk more about a bit later).

Element Pro Pricing for Studio Plan: $499 (Currently on 40% OFF for $299)


The only difference between the agency and the studio plan is the fact that you can use Elementor Pro on up to 1000 websites.

The Agency plan includes all the capabilities offered by the Studio plan. 

These new adjustments obviously don’t benefit those who create websites for a living and have a lot of experience.

Website kits are prepackaged, adaptable collections of templates that can be utilized to swiftly develop various aspects of your site, in case you are unfamiliar with them.

There are many more of them, such as header and footer, essential pages (such as home, about, etc.), and individual blog templates.

In short, Elementor seeks to totally replace the theme culture of WordPress websites. It aims to offer users the ability to completely customize just about every aspect of their site with the utmost ease.

Additionally, each subscription now offers over 90 basic and pro widgets rather than the previous 50 or more.

You can also create a profile on Elementor Experts if you purchase the Expert, Studio, or Advanced plan and become a community contributor.

The opportunity to access a VIP assistance system if you purchase a Studio or Agency subscription, however, may be the largest change in Elementor Pro’s ecosystem.

The VIP support option allows you to chat live with the support staff and receive responses in under 30 minutes, in contrast to the premium support function that lets you ask questions and receive responses from the Elementor premium support team within one day. In terms of new features, in our opinion, this is one of the greatest and most beneficial additions.

In conclusion, the rates for the first two plans will essentially remain the same (in fact, you will even gain a few extra widgets and website kits). However, customers who intend to use Elementor Pro to build between 100 and 1000 websites will now need to purchase the new Agency plan, which is priced significantly higher than the old one ($999 for 1000 websites as opposed to $199 before).

Element Pro Pricing for Agency Plans: $999 per year.

Elementor Cloud Pricing

Elementor Cloud is a completely self-hosted solution offered by the Elementor team, that comes with 1 website hosted in Google Cloud Servers, with up to 100,000 monthly visitors, 20GB storage, and 100GB bandwidth. The specifications are well-thought-out and are suitable for 90% of the websites, especially if you don’t want to involve in self-hosting practices.

Cloud plan offers Cloudflare CDN, Security, and daily automatic backups.

Element Pro Pricing for Cloud Plans: $99 per website

Checkout the Elementor Cloud Price Now

How Elementor Pro Pricing Affects Existing Pro Users

If you are an old user who purchased any old plans before March 9th, 2021, you can celebrate.

This includes the prior Expert plan, which permitted the use of Elementor Pro on 1000 websites for $199 a year.

As long as you make sure that your license is active, you will be allowed to utilize the old license for the same old price.

In other words, each time you renew it, the previous price will be grandfathered in for eternity.

New Features Introduced & Challenges

  • To make up for the higher cost of various Elementor pro plans under the new pricing scheme, there are new value adds such as additional website layouts and even a VIP assistance system.
  • Even with some of the characteristics listed above, it is simple to understand the drawbacks of some schemes.
  • In other words, if you’re a new user and want to acquire the agency plan and access all of its features, you have no alternative except to spend $999 for 1000 websites.
  • However, there are other, more cheap plans you can check into if this price is too high for you.
  • You don’t actually need Elementor for 1000 websites and don’t expect to grow.
  • These include the $199 (Expert for 25 websites) and $499 (Studio for 100 websites) pricing options for plans like these.
  • In any case, pay close attention to each plan before selecting the one that best suits your demands (and your budget).

Elementor Pro Pricing Plans: FAQ

Should I purchase Elementor Pro when there is a free version available?

You might want to test out Elementor’s free bundle if you’re just getting started.
Take it for a test drive to become acquainted with its features and interface.
You should test the Elementor Pro plan as soon as you’ve gotten beyond the initial learning curve and wish to enhance the functionality of your website.
Elementor Pro’s expiration date is.

Is a lifetime license available?

Short response. No.
A lifetime plan is not available from Elementor. Elementor offers annual renewals, like the majority of SaaS (subscription as a service) companies.
Every year, the Elementor Pro license automatically renews. Make sure auto-renewal is turned on in your Elementor account to prevent this.
However, you will no longer have access to their support if for whatever reason you decide not to renew your Elementor Pro license.
You won’t have access to updates or premium templates either.

Are Elementor and other WordPress plugins compatible?

– Elementor’s engineers went to considerable lengths to ensure that the website builder integrates seamlessly with other WordPress plugins.
– Elementor integrates effortlessly with other WordPress plugins like WooCommerce and Contact Form 7, as it is a fully WP compatible site builder.
– Elementor Pro is compatible with numerous websites.
– You can easily switch to a different hosting service if that’s what you desire.

Can I avail a Demo of Elementor Pro?

I’m sorry, but. Elementor, sadly, does not have a demo version.
The Company does, however, provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.
This implies that if you are unhappy with the site builder, you will receive a complete refund.
Elementor Pro can be used on several websites. The only thing to remember is that this is depending on the Pro plan version you select.
Up to 1000 websites can be supported by Elementor Pro.
And the Agency has a plan for this.

Can your Elementor Cloud website be transferred to a different host?

The Elementor Cloud website offers this wonderful feature.
The Elementor Cloud website package allows you to create a certain number of websites.

Elementor Pro: What is it?

  • The site builder Elementor has a paid version called Elementor Pro.
  • With this strategy, you can quickly and without coding build feature-rich websites.Using this visual drag-and-drop WordPress page builder, you can quickly alter practically all of our website’s components.
  • Elementor delivers HUGE discounts, which is one of the main reasons why thousands of independent contractors and business owners utilize it.
  • Consider this for a moment. A website would cost you at least a few thousand dollars to create if you hired a designer and a developer.
  • On the other hand, Elementor Pro’s capabilities allow you to build a stunning website without writing code for less than $100 per year.
  • Elementor excels in another area since it lets you use your existing design (if you want).On, Elementor’s free edition is accessible. Unlimited web pages can be made with Elementor for free. It provides 30 templates and more than 40 widgets.
  •  As I indicated earlier, even the free version has a tonns of helpful tools that will let you build a stunning website.

Elementor’s current version works with WooCommerce?

Yes, Elementor Pro is very popular for WooCommerce customization and the current version works with it.
I hope with the above article, I was able to address all possible implications of the new Elementor Pro Pricing, and how you can find the best plan for your WordPress website. Do share you views in the comments below.

We hope this guide on “Elementor Pro Pricing” clarifies your options for WordPress website enhancement. Thanks for reading and enhancing your web design journey!