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Internship Must For Engineering Students. How It Makes The Difference?

Internship is considered as a foot in door to many employers. This adds to the relevant work experience and knowledge of the job seeker or specifically an engineer. Internships have become key in today’s economy as they help in increasing the rate of employment of engineers.

The economic downturn has increasingly built the employers reliability on the interns to shore up the areas where full-time hiring has been cut. However, finding internship for engineering students is still an uphill task. Few companies restrain from hiring intern due to client confidentiality norms. Thus, the only option left is pursuing internships in smaller firms or if you target larger organisations it can only be achieved through references.

As claimed by the Chairman of AICTE, internships must be mandatory for the engineering students as it makes them industry-ready before they join the organizations. Also, it helps students to get better exposure which enhances their technical, communicational and managerial skills.

AICTE has recently planned to send a circular to all engineering institutes in regard to mandatorily implement three summer internship programs in the college. This decision will improve the quality of technical education. The duration of each internship program should be four to eight weeks.

Even after apprehension from different states, AICTE continues their discussion on various concerns related to engineering and career opportunities associated with it. Out of which, considering JEE Main as the single engineering exam and internships to be mandatory to obtain engineering degree are the major ones.

How Do You Benefit from Internships?

Besides the benefits of catching the eye of the employer and looking good in the resume, internships offer other advantages too:

  • Internships are major to test drive a career. It helps you solve your dilemma if you are comfortable working in the technical or non-technical departments of your field. Resolving this dilemma and inferring your interest gives a kick start to your career.
  • Internships also help you establish relationships with your mentors. This introduces you to the field culture and etiquettes. The way one must carry themselves in the working atmosphere or personality development is best done under the guidance of a perfect mentor.
  • Not just practicing what you have learned but internship helps you accumulate new skills. You learn real world perspective, the reality of the professional world of an occupation.
  • An internship helps the employer to conclude how an individual would fare in the actual workplace. Generally, companies look for interns with a perspective to seek returns from their investment. They hire intern which can be chosen to work out as an employee later.

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What the Experienced have to Say?

If one is considering to find an internship and has a dilemma whether it is worth spending for, can solve it by reading this:

An SJSU Career Center Engineering Representative says, “Experience is a differentiator which employers consider while reviewing the resume. The best way to impress the potential employer while seeking a job is to highlight your work experience.” Here, the experience for an engineering pass out is typically Internship.

As per the national survey by National Association of College and Employers (NACE) suggests that nearly 75% of the employers prefer experienced for hiring. Contrary to that, 1% of the total surveyed organisations claimed that work experience isn’t a major factor which affects their hiring decision. 21% of the surveyed employers said they would consider any work experience irrespective of the job profile.

NACE also concluded nearly 60% of the respondents’ favour work experience gained through internships. This is a fact that students who decide to forego internships typically find their resume less competitive during the full-time job search.

Mechanical Engineering student, Mohit says, “It can be challenging for a student to secure an internship after their first year but it is never impossible. Starting your internship search during the first year of college makes this process more comfortable during the subsequent years. This helps to fill the skill and knowledge gaps to be a strong contender for the offered post during a job search.”

Many employers in the industry follow the tagline “Recruit once, hire twice”. Internships are helpful for the same. Employers hire interns recognizing the fact that outstanding interns make a wise investment as full-time hires as they are already a part of the team.

The experienced ones claim that internships are open to learning opportunities. Once can develop new skills and gain a better understanding of the technical and non-technical aspects of a workspace.

The internship provides us the real-life job experience without actually being an employee for the company. It gives students an idea of active projects, job responsibilities, and team work. Choosing a right internship program is tough but many students go for those internships which are paid or has some minimum wages promised.

In a non-paid internship, interns do not get any monetary benefits but they acquire the acknowledgment from the employer apart from on job experience. Small start-ups or many of research and development firms may not have funds for new employees but they need assistance in their project so they offer free internship programs. The students and graduates have the full liberty to get a hands-on experience on the project and learn the basics of the specified area.

The knowledge and relevant experience and employer’s acknowledgment gives you the best word in your favor on which your future employer hires you. So, interns should not reject the non-paid internship opportunities as the monetary benefits may be less but the brand name and business connections may open new doors for you. Be wise and choose the best internship program for yourself!