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Chat GPT or Assignment Writing Services: What to Choose?

Everybody who has ever been a student can prove that student life is not only about fun parties and exciting life on student campuses. The primary aim here is to study. And studying process is challenging because you will have to write dozens of essays, home assignments, and other types of written assignments. It is especially difficult for those who try to combine the studying process and work in order to be able to pay for college or university tuition.

Taking the above into account, one may conclude that there is nothing shameful in asking someone or something for help. Nowadays, anyone may refer to any assignment writing service available online and receive qualitative assistance with almost every task. The appearance of GPT Chat and AI assistance was taken by many people as a complete replacement for human writing assistance. But is it really so cute?

ChatGPT for Assignment Writing

ChatGPT: Advantages and Disadvantages

Before discussing the pros and cons of ChatGPT, it’s necessary to clarify what is Chat GPT in general. It’s a tool that generates written texts in accordance with the preliminary given parameters or questions. In other words, it’s artificial intelligence that seems to know everything. But as with everything around, it has its strong sides and drawbacks. Let’s clarify them first.


  1. You don’t have to pay for it. After a simple registration, you will be able to use it from any device.
  2. It has a straightforward design. You will not have to spend time understanding it. Everything in GPT Chat is simple and clear.
  3. It generates immediate responses. In just three seconds, you will receive a page of text.


  1. Responses are not “alive.” It will generate a response faster than any assignment writing service, but it will not be as original and creative.
  2. There are lots of tools that “catch” the use of OpenAI (e.g., GPTZero).
  3. The content is not of high quality. It may give many repetitive statements, and the references for responses are not known.
  4. The information provided may be even not accurate. You will have to double-check.
  5. It will never provide you with complex research.
  6. Technical issues are not avoidable. As with any program, ChatGPT may experience bugs and glitches that impact the work process.

Essentials About Assignment Writing Services

If you are not sure about the assignment writing help, you may look through the DoMyEssay com reviews and see what real users say. Nowadays, they are often compared to ChatGPT as their target aim is common. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of online writing services?


  1. Writing according to your instructions. Each expert in this service will customize your writing in accordance with the required prompt, style, and genre.
  2. Plagiarism-free. The papers are 100% free of plagiarism. They will provide you with a plagiarism report proving this upon your request.
  3. Confidential service. The fact you use the assignment writing service will never be disclosed.
  4. They may handle any task. You may order everything from a simple discussion post to a research-based dissertation.
  5. The writing experts are professionals in their fields.
  6. Great samples for you. With the ready papers, you will understand the topic better. It may help you to clarify some moments which were not clear to you before.


  1. The writing process isn’t instant. You will not get the assignment in several seconds. Time is needed to write a well-structured paper.
  2. You may have to ask for revision to make your paper 100% in alignment with your instructions.
  3. Of course, teh service isn’t free. But the price will correspond to the efforts needed to provide a thorough paper.

Why Is It Worth Considering?

Assignment help services have been on the market for more than a decade. There are several generations of students who managed to experience positive outcomes from using these services. Hence, the trust of students in such services is high.

On the contrary, the ChatGPT service has appeared in the education market recently. As for now, its functionality is far from the opportunity to provide high-quality papers with thorough stress on the tiny details. In this respect, the assignment writing service is much more preferable. Moreover, when referring to ChatGPT, you will face a limit of 4096 characters per response. Real writing experts will be able to provide 100-page theses in a reasonable time.

Also, there is a high risk of being expelled from the university for the use of OpenAI. There have already been cases when students were caught in this academic dishonesty. Hence, human assistance is much safer.

What to Say In the End?

The use of AI writing is luring as you may receive assistance from different fields of knowledge in several seconds. But taking into account the number of drawbacks that accompany the use of ChatGPT, it would be reasonable to reject this source as possible assistance. If you really need help with your academic tasks, it’s better to refer to the assignment writing service. There you will receive real help from the experts in their fields. The size of the assignment, its type, and its complexity don’t matter. You will surely find a person who is ready to provide you with the best writing assistance. Do not hesitate to ask for help.