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Dev Corner

Software Testing

5 Programming Languages for VR Developers

The number of companies integrating virtual reality or VR into their offerings increases as time goes by. This caused an augmented need for virtual reality experts who cable make the

10 Best No-Code Apps and Platforms (2022)

When aiming to speed up delivery and simplify the development process, choosing the appropriate kind of no-code app builder is crucial. This article is in-depth take on the Best No-code

How To Be SOC 2 Compliant in 2022

As many SaaS firms are now relying on cloud-hosted applications and processes to manage data, it has become even more vital for brands to become SOC 2 compliant. This is

Coding for Children

Is Your Child Ready to Learn Coding?

Parents recognize that the world is rapidly changing around them; laptops, smartphones, and tablets are essential tools nowadays; computer science applications like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning make