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Wibmo Inc Launches WibmoPay 2.0 Mobile Marketplace and Ecosystem

Business Wire India

Wibmo Inc, powering one of India’s largest mobile payment solutions, today announced the launch of WibmoPay 2.0, a comprehensive payment ecosystem and marketplace for consumers. In addition to meeting consumer payment needs whether online, on mobile or in-store through its various payment options, WibmoPay 2.0 brings payments and shopping on one easy to use, frictionless mobile app.


Consumers today want to be able to make large and small purchases seamlessly – whether buying groceries at the corner store or making large electronic purchases online. Wibmo payment ecosystem enables all of this, by offering payment options to meet a wide variety of consumer needs – such as use of debit or credit cards, QR code, IMPS, UPI, and NFC; all within the same app. Protected by Trident™ risk engine and frictionless authentication, the consumer can truly experience One-Step™ payments. To add to the convenience, WibmoPay continues to expand its mobile marketplace. Shoppers can avail services such as mobile recharge and bill payments, and Wibmo continues to add merchants frequented by shoppers.


“Our goal has been to maximise payment convenience for consumers while keeping them simple and secure. With our mobile app, our users have many ways to pay, whether to individuals or merchants using debit/credit cards to QR codes and UPI. With these many options, the consumer can pay just about anyone,” said company CEO Govind Setlur. “Backed by truly frictionless, advanced authentication features, and Trident™ enterprise-level fraud and risk management system, our users can be assured about their transactions,” he added.


Expanding into global markets


Already established in India as one of the top 5 mobile payment apps, the company is currently expanding its footprint. Offered to banks and NBFCs, WibmoPay 2.0 is designed for rapid deployment and go-to-market. The company is focussed on replicating this success story with other partners, both in India and in several emerging markets.


About Wibmo Inc


Wibmo Inc a Cupertino, California company is a leading provider of payment security and mobile payments in emerging markets with a strong market presence in India, one of the world’s leading digital payment markets. Learn more at For further details please contact: [email protected] or [email protected].