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The Spartan Poker Breathes in New Air in the Indian Poker Industry Yet Again

Business Wire India
The Spartan Poker has unleashed yet another ‘left-of-centre’ marketing campaign in the lead up to India Online Poker Championship 2018. The biggest online tournament series in India, the last edition of the IOPC, saw over 15,000 registered entrants playing for over Rs. 3.5 + Crores in payouts, and this edition, from January 12th-21st 2018 aims to raise the bar with over Rs. 6+ Crores guaranteed in pay-outs.

Poker in India is a new and emerging market and with a couple of competitors in the race to capture a sizeable audience on social media. The Spartan Poker with their #BabajiRaiseTheBar campaign has yet again stood out from rest of the poker promotions online.

Indians are largely emotional by nature and they believe in Luck and various superstitions when it comes to anything that has to do with money or risks. The same feeling can be seen among even those who are regular poker players online.

In the past few months, the media has been brewing with news about Fake Babajis and self-styled Godmen with an incredible following, running on the wrong style of law. With Lucky Baba, a very funny looking hipster baba trying to convince people that Luck matters most in Poker, The Spartan Poker aims to gradually present Babaji as Luck personified, and break the myth by promoting skills and strategy over Luck, i.e. Babaji in this case.

The #BabajiRaiseTheBar is another take on Luck vs Skill dialogue in Poker, but it moves away from the tried and dried chic ’James Bond-like Casino Look’ and riskily bets on contemporary commentary from the Indian Perspective.

Poker is all about taking risks informed by a skilful intellect of the game, which is why this campaign seems to make more sense.

The four video ads released for IOPC has made Babaji a household name, thanks to the uber cool approach in a revelation of Babaji in the ads.

The first Ad deals with a Husband deep in debts and EMI to pay in conversation with his wife about his financial troubles, when a very nosy neighbour appears out of nowhere with a solution to all his problems- a consultation with Lucky Baba.

The second Ad has three young IT professionals discussing their absolutely dismal financial state at the end of the month, when a fourth one appears with a solution to the problem- a consultation with Lucky Baba. Check out what happens next in the video here.

In the third Ad for the campaign, a businessman with failing investments and his colleague is seen discussing the crashing stock market, when the Airhostess presents a solution to all these problems – a consultation with Lucky Baba. Check out what happens next in the video here.

In the fourth and final Ad, a distraught Boyfriend is seen having to wash dishes at a restaurant, when the waiter appears with a solution to all this problem- a consultation with Lucky Baba. Check out what happens next in the video here.

In all the four videos Lucky Babaji is where they are headed for a solution to their life’s problems, but they find their answers elsewhere. Do check out the videos for the hilarious take on Babaji’s life. You can also find the Ads in the videos section of India Poker Championship’s Facebook Page.

The #BabajiRaiseTheBar Campaign is also garnering massive engagement and traction on the social media pages of India Online Poker Championship which is promoting the event. Follow the India Poker Championship on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get a glimpse of Babaji being challenged by Skills.

The India Online Poker Championship is all set to begin on the 12th of January, 2018. Register now at or follow The Spartan Poker and India Poker Championship on Social Media to stay updated on the event.