TelecomDrive Report: Disruptive Telecoms Showcases Top Massive MIMO and NB-IoT Global Stories

Business Wire IndiaWith global telecoms community fast moving to embrace 5G – technologies such as Massive MIMO and NB-IoT are playing a critical role in terms of amplifying the advantages of 5G and more importantly prepare today’s networks towards a better tomorrow. This issue of Disruptive Telecoms is highlighting among other technologies – top most global deployments of Massive MIMO and NB-IoT.

“As global operators look towards 5G as a way to evolve their networks and start delivering truly next generation content-driven experience to their customers – in this issue of Disruptive Telecoms, we have tried to cover the pace at which network transformation is being driven by global telecoms community and most importantly, how 5G technologies are getting absorbed by the industry in the form of Massive MIMO and NB-IoT deployments. This issue also provides critical insights from globally acclaimed vendors such as iBwave, Ribbon Communications, Solace, Aptilo Networks and analysis around the impact of SDN and NFV when it comes to stretching the boundaries of networks,” explained, Zia Askari, Editor,

Latest issue of Disruptive Telecoms Report (An initiative by can be accessed online by clicking this link.

Inside the Report

Ribbon Communications – Spotlight on Enterprise

Programmable Networks Here & Now: Empowering Innovations for Enterprise
Published as part of this issue of Disruptive Telecoms, this spotlight from Ribbon Communications, a global leader in real-time technology and security solutions, throws light on the way programmable networks are becoming extremely important for enterprise community and how such networks are driving innovations, preparing enterprise to embrace future in a better way.

iBwave – Spotlight on 5G

As part of this spotlight on 5G – published inside this issue of Disruptive Telecoms – 5G: Expanding Frontier on Speed, Coverage and Latency puts emphasis on the convergence of 5G wireless and fiber wireline technology and how it will dramatically improve the performance of communication networks. Also, Stephane Bendayan, Solutions Director – Carrier Wireless iBwave talks about the importance of 5G and how iBwave is positioning its innovative solutions in this space.
Incognito – Spotlight on OSS / BSS
Pete Koat, Chief Technology Officer, Vancouver, Canada based Incognito talks about the company’s current focus and its future plans to drive next generation-ready innovation in this space.


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