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MyICETag Launches Medical ID Wearables for Adults and Kids Besides Medical ID Tags for Pets

Business Wire India, a premier Medical tags solutions provider proved its mettle within the health industry once again, as it launched a range of technologically advanced Medical ID products for individuals and corporates. These products have been in use internationally in developed countries for over a decade, but are making a mark in the Indian market, recently. The Medical ID wearables include bracelets and keychains for individuals including adults and kids. The solutions for corporates and schools converting a regular ID card into a Medical ID card (combines Identity and Medical information). The solution for pets includes Smart Deluxe Coated tags and Steel Engravable tags that can be worn around the neck.
The Medical IDs store medical and personal information within, which is placed there by the wearer or their loved ones. In case of an emergency, the first responders (Paramedics or Doctors or passers-by) would just need to scan the medical alert bracelet using any QR mobile App to access the medical and personal information of the wearer. This would enable them to respond faster and accurately based on the medical information and history.
For the pets, this is much more than just medical information. Many pet owners experience losing pets and in such a situation this tag, once scanned would alert the user of the GPS location of the scan besides the time and date of the scan. Also, the person who finds the pet can get important information including food allergies that is vital in such cases for the survival of the pet.
Dilip Khemani, the Founder of says, “We, in India, would need to take advantage of next-generation technology to ensure the well-being of our loved ones. Wearing these medical ID bracelets ensures safety in an Emergency. ICE stands for ‘In Case of Emergency’ and MyICETag is aptly named so, as it helps secure vital information that can be accessed by health care professionals, especially in cases of Emergency. In a country where the level of First Aid awareness is not among the best on the planet, Medical ID tags ensure that the first responders are able to act accurately and appropriately based on the information stored within the Medical IDs.”
Ashish Suvarna, the Co-founder added, “Medical Tags for pets is surprisingly selling fast, which does show the concern pet owners have for their dogs and cats. There are innumerable cases of pets getting lost and these Medical ID tags will help secure the pets and hopefully restore them to the rightful owner/ family.”
Ashish further added, ”We are also getting a lot of traction including queries to incorporate the Medical information of employees and students on Identity cards which are accessible via a QR code imprinted on the ID card. Corporates care about their employees and this is one way to show the care. A bracelet for boys and girls ensure parents would feel safeguarded in case of a situation where the ward is in an emergency and the medical information is available on student ID cards. This also helps doctors responding to Emergency situations to gauge the situation better.”
Medical IDs may be a new concept, but these are invaluable to save lives in cases of Emergency. Some of the uses include diabetic bracelets, epilepsy identification bracelet, and allergy bracelets. Wearing a personalized medical bracelet or medical wristband ensures safety in cases of someone suddenly falling sick and for the people and medical professional around to get information of the casualty. It is time to use technology to embrace safety for our citizens and pets. A range of colour and design choices of medical pendants, bracelets and pet ID tags ensure there is something to everyone's likes and preferences.
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