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Healthhunt Now Widens Its Reach to 200 Million People by Launching in Hindi

Business Wire IndiaHealthhunt, a leading and highly-engaging online platform in the health and wellness space in Asia, today announced the mirror-image of their English website in Hindi. This technology-based platform solves a 4-fold content conundrum as nowadays the content, especially in the health and wellness space is generalized, disconnected, overwhelming, and largely unorganized. Healthhunt is designed in a way so as to overcome all these challenges proficiently.

Today, 200 million readers consume online content in Hindi actively; we want these users to benefit from fact-checked, verified content – a great paucity of which remains in our country. By expanding to Hindi readership, the aim is to impact the wellness of young ones, corporate employees, and senior citizens alike – if they wish to read in their native language. A healthy, happy life is everyone’s right and we want to make it available to everyone. We will do this through holistic and authentic content related to health and fitness, that’ll be specially curated for each individual and delivered to their inbox. Healthhunt has a panel of over 60 global experts covering various aspects of health and wellness. A key differentiator that makes Healthhunt unique and sets it apart from others in the market is that before publishing any content, it is thoroughly “fact-check” by the research analysts.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Pooja Duggal, the Founder of Healthhunt said, “Today the internet has reached the hinterlands and we believe that there is a need to provide informative and original health-related content to a largely relevant and already engaged audience. This initiative is just the first step, in the coming future we aim to launch the website in all leading regional languages. We want people to enjoy our content in their preferred language and expect the Hindi website to be highly popular and beneficial to our audiences.”

Being in a highly competitive industry, portals have to continually evolve, upgrade and reinvent their platform to stay ahead in the market. Shortly after launching in Hindi, Healthhunt will be making its invaluable content across genres available to Telugu and Tamil readership as well.