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Asia’s Largest Rubber Expo to Be Held in Mumbai in January 2019

Business Wire IndiaThe India Rubber Expo (IRE) is Asia's largest rubber expo. It has grown to be one of the most anticipated events in the rubber industry today. The 10th edition of IRE 2019 is a milestone with many features:

  • The exhibition size has doubled to 14000 sq mts. of exhibitor booth space area of IRE 2019, compared to earlier IRE 2017 which was at approx. 7290 sq mts of exhibitor booth space area
  • International Exhibition and Conference of 500 delegates at IRE 2019
  • RBSM (Reverse Buyers Sellers Meet) of international and domestic
  • Workshop

This is truly an exhibition with great content for all stakeholders of rubber fraternity. Rubber raw material producers, rubber machinery – dice and mould – testing instrument producers, rubber goods producers, OEM’s, Government officials and SMEs, media and more are actively participating at IRE 2019.
IRE 2019 will be held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai as a valuable platform for growth, exchange and collaboration. This flagship event is organized by All India Rubber Industries Association one of the oldest premier industries Association in the country, established in 1945. All India Rubber Industries Association was formed with a noble thought of safeguarding and promoting interests of the Indian Rubber Industry, today it has become the voice of the rubber industry with a robust relationship with over 1200+ active members.
India Rubber Expo 2019 is in the leap to meet the international standards, welcoming industry professionals from across the globe to be a part of India Rubber Expo, Mumbai. Offering a unique platform for Indian companies to meet and collaborate with overseas companies. An integral part of the thriving rubber industry, the IRE is a clear indicator of India’s own position as the second fastest growing economy in the world. The IRE will showcase the latest technological developments in the rubber industry and also talk about the current market status, facilities and services on R&D and quality control. This will also be an opportunity to be informed about the changing Govt. regulations and controls pertaining to the rubber industry.
IRE is planning a 15 cities roadshow across India in order to promote the India Rubber Expo 2019. The Roadshow aims at spreading awareness, creating more opportunities and encouraging more and more people to participate in the India Rubber Expo 2019. This roadshow will be a great way to bring together industry professionals on one platform where they can come up with innovative solutions, identify new business opportunities and talk about the changing market trends.
Mr. Vikram Makar, Chairman of IRE – 2019 and also the Chairman & MD of Oriental Rubber Industries Pvt Ltd. has first hand seen the growth and expansion of the IRE. He said, “India Rubber Expo 2019 will see some of the biggest names in the industry come under one roof. This will present a great opportunity for small and big rubber business owners to network and exchange ideas. With a ready-made market and the value addition India provides, it has everything needed for the sector to grow, be it ready-made market, entrepreneurial ecosystem and a robust physical infrastructure. The industrial ecosystem in India is the obvious consumer for next-generation production technologies that will be on display. The Indian growth story now no longer needs to be authenticated as India is set to become one of the largest Rubber hubs globally which has come out in a big way to carve its fantastic growth trajectory.”

Mr. Vishnu Bhimrajka, Chief Convener IRE 2019, believes in the solidarity of the rubber market and has been one of the first endorsers of IRE. According to him, “The India Rubber Expo (IRE) 2019 is a great conclave to bring industry geniuses together. This incredible initiative will provide a platform for industry professionals to exchange ideas and technological developments and will go a long way to serve the requirements of the nation. The expo also manifests a multi-pronged strategy of the Indian economy, which is driven by the All India Rubber Industries Association and Make in India campaigns, to transform trade and industry into an engine of socio-economic growth. The expo is a hub of new ideas, innovations and products encompassing the entire canvas of the world building a large ecosystem for the key manufacturers and decision makers. With all your support we aim to organize many such more expo’s in the years to come.”
Close to 300+ exhibitors would design their stall on an exhibition area of over 26,000 square meters. The India Rubber Expo, now about to host it’s 10th International Exhibition & Conference, has been a hugely popular event that has provided one of the largest platforms to rubber professional across to meet and discuss the current international and national trends and innovations in the rubber industry. Apart from this, the IRE also offers the buyers and sellers a chance to rub shoulders with some of the biggest names in the rubber industry.