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Angel Broking Employees Change Their LinkedIn Profile Surnames to ‘One’, After the Company’s New Brand Name Angel One

After rebranding itself as ‘Angel One’, the FinTech platform Angel Broking Ltd launched a LinkedIn campaign wherein its employees changed the surname on their profiles to ‘One’. The company had also roped in agency partners and Authorised Persons to change the surname to ‘One’ on the social media platform for a week.
To spread the word about the new brand name, the employees have also updated their cover photos to the brand cover photo reading – Angel Broking is now ‘Angel One’. They have also created a buzz across channels with the main brand film on rebranding shared on their social media with the #AngelOneForAll.
To resonate better with GenZ and Millennials, the FinTech platform Angel Broking recently rebranded itself as ‘Angel One’. The new brand name Angel One represents the entire bouquet of services offered by the platform. Meanwhile, the corporate entity continues to be Angel Broking Ltd.
Previously, Angel Broking was a traditional broking platform but it has transformed itself over the years by leveraging the latest technologies. Angel One memento brand has the same unflinching dedication and commitment to client servicing which was the hallmark of Angel Broking. It will remain the clients’ trusted partner. As a one-stop FinTech platform, it has set a new stage for the tech-savvy Millennials and GenZ aspiring to venture into the financial marketplace through their smartphones.