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A Decade of Framing Great Views With Aparna Venster

Business Wire IndiaAparna Venster comes from the house of Aparna Enterprises, an expert in building materials with over 25 years of experience in South India. Aparna Venster was formed in 2008 with an idea to revolutionise the industry of windows and doors. The name Venster, a Dutch word, when translated stands for window and light. After its establishment, the first step for the company was to strengthen its foothold in Hyderabad, which led to the inauguration of their first state-of-the-art fabrication unit. Soon after, Aparna Venster expanded its presence to Bidar and Bengaluru. The year 2018, will forever leave its mark on the history of Aparna Venster as the company completes a decade of framing great views.

Every great organisation has a turning point at some point in their journey, for Aparna Venster the moment came in the year 2016. The company underwent a major facelift by relaunching their company logo, setting up their German technology-enabled manufacturing unit in Hyderabad, and introducing a whole new range of customisable design and lamination options to meet the increasing demand of customers. Let us take a look at Aparna Venster’s exclusive and unique range of uPVC windows and doors:

  • uPVC sliding windows and doors: With our special combination of fixed and slider window, this variant is quite the favourite amongst our customer base.
  • uPVC casement windows and doors: A natural favourite in the uPVC windows and doors market, this range is one of our largest sellers due to the customisations Venster offers. It is available in a combination of fixed and openable windows and doors.
  • uPVC arch windows and doors: Only a few uPVC windows and door manufacturers can vouch to produce the arch windows. This variant is stylish, premium and in demand. Aparna Venster makes it their priority to design windows which are par elegance and excellence.

All of the uPVC windows and doors in the merchandise range can be customised in many alluring and captivating textures. Aparna Venster is also known for providing tailor-made solutions by handling the trickiest of colour combinations to meet the demand of their clientele. All of their coloured uPVC products are made with special weather resistant laminations making it a bold and elegant choice for any living space.

While customization is an aesthetic feature of this brand, their uPVC products have a plethora of benefits which make it quite versatile. Here is what sets apart Aparna Venster’s products apart from the slew of others:

  • Low maintenance: All of their uPVC windows and doors are very low maintenance. An occasional swipe and the uPVC products will remain as good as new. They never require re-painting and save a lot of financial hiccups and time as well.
  • Durable: With galvanized steel reinforcements and the natural strength of uPVC, all of the windows and doors are destined to last a lifetime. They will never warp, corrode and rust. Adding to their versatility, they are designed to withstand high tropical rains and high-load winds. 
  • Energy efficient: With the use of a special mix at the manufacturing level and the use of insulated glass units, all living spaces will remain 3 times more effective at maintaining cool temperatures within a building.
  • Secured: With multi-point high-security locks fitted into the steel core of the window and door framing, these uPVC windows and doors are highly secured. 

With a varied range of exclusive products and multiple benefits, Aparna Venster is the answer to all your window and door woes. After having framed over 1.2 million windows and doors, the company on its 10th-year-anniversary strides with a mission that there shall come a time when every window or door ever framed will be a proud Aparna Venster installation.