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Leapin’ Leprechaun iPhone/iPad Game Review

When it comes to gaming on the ‘Smart devices, Apple products like iPhone & iPad are first and foremost to come up with really outstanding gaming apps. One of which I am giving in-depth review about it is named as – Leapin’ Leprechaun.

Leapin Leprechaun Game Review

Well, as the name suggest this game is consist of the main character Paddy which is a Leprechaun, who chases the gold coins with us. As paddy becomes more and more smarter in the next levels and game becomes even harder after some time.

The game has really good graphics and becomes addictive really easily and game is really suitable for most of all age groups but your kids will love it for sure because of the cute voice of 12-year-old kid!

Leapin’ Leprechaun iPhone/iPad Game

The Irish music help this app to get stronger in their market very well. One of my favorite part of the this  unique features is that Paddy the  leprechaun talks to the player in very funny way. Specially when you can’t reach the gold pot he teases you by taunting you!

Level 2 - Leapin’ Leprechaun iPhone/iPad Game

So, overall the game is simple to understand – You just have to toss the Paddy tot he gold pots and get him most of his gold pots. The game uses really sensitive screen touch function of your iPhone or iPad and it can be very tricky to get to the spot. As you have to apply exact force and direction by using your fingers to reach the gold.

The graphics of the further levels are beautifully done as well and game does include a bonus level which adds in some more fun. But most importantly game takes full advantage of the gaming graphics of your iOS devices and gives you a different and fun experience compared to regular games.

I would like to recommend this app to all of you because its fun, interactive and more than worth for its price.

Cost – $ 0.99

Ratings – 5/5

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