Hands Off App Review : Lock the Keyboard and Mouse of Mac OS X

It often sometimes that  we are off our desk for little time & any one can use your Mac. So if you think you should add an extra layer of security – the best thing you can get is an app which can freeze your Keyboard & Mouse.

Hands off is the recent released in the Mac App Store, whichi servers this purpose to lock the Keyboard and Mouse of Mac OS X & it is compatible for version 10.6 & later releases.

Hands off app for Mac OSX

Hands Off app keeps others away from your Mac bye locking keyboard & Mouse. But in case anyone get access to your Mac by any way – this little app will remotely notifies you immediately.  This app is of small size 0.5 MB & serves great purpose. So we would recommend it to every Mac OS X user.

This app is available in Free & Paid version for download. The paid version is costing differently for “Single user, Family user pack & little Snitch users.”

Click here to know more about Mac App Store

Click Here to Visit Official Website of Hands Off App


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