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Go Green When Getting the iPad HD (Now Called As iPad 3)

With the recent announcement of the iPad 3, which is was first rumored as iPad HD, consumers are anxious to get their hands on the new tablet. Since the new iPad design is so sleek, and the new iOS is so functional, tablet PC users prefer it to many desktops, notebooks and other computing devices. iPads let the user do everything an iPhone can do, only you can make phone calls. But many other users can be frustrated with the exclusivity of the iPad. This is why the new iPad devices will include SIM only deals. These deals let you use the iPad HD on multiple carriers without being locked into a single wireless network provider to use the new tablet computer.

What’s New in the iPad HD?

For much of 2011, bloggers, analysts and Apple tech experts have been predicting what would be in the new iPad tablet. Many of their guesses were right on, but there were some surprises. Among the many new upgrades in the iPad 3 include, a higher resolution retina screen, and extremely high definition video recording. In fact, with the new iPad you can record up to 1080p HD video. The iPad HD also features iOS 5.1 for iPad, which includes a wide range of new features previously unavailable on the iPad 2. This is great news for Apple enthusiasts everywhere.

Green iPad HD  (Courtesy of sam_churchill)

Key Features

Although many experts predicted the integration of Siri — the virtual assistant unveiled with the release of the iPhone 4S — they were surprised when that was not the case. What they got instead was Dictation, a program that lets you speak into the iPad, while it types out your every word. The iPad also features iPhoto for iPad, which as been a long-awaited addition to the tablet computer’s list of compatible apps. Additionally, the iPad HD device will see an upgraded process, more RAM and a much faster Internet browsing experience.

What is a SIM Contract?

While many cell phone companies talk about SIM-based contracts, users may not fully understand what a SIM only contract is, and how it works. In short, SIM-based contract is one where the the plan itself is pre-loaded to the SIM card. This means you can take your SIM plan to whatever mobile phone or device you want, as long as the SIM card is compatible with the device in question. This gives the mobile phone user more flexibility than with a standard mobile phone plan.

Go Green with the iPad HD

Electronic waste is a major problem with environmental advocates all over the world. In a nutshell, environmental waste involves the massive discarding of electronic waste after they life has ended, or they have been outdated. Instead of simply discarding your iPad HD to a landfill, you should consider donating it to a charity, or other organization in need. Many iPad users choose to recycle, or donate their old iPads to churches or other non-profit organizations.


In the end, using a SIM contract with your iPad 3  is all about saving money. Many carriers authorized to activate the iPad HD often have expensive data plans, which make it virtually impossible for many users to use the 3G and 4G LTE versions of the iPad. Using a SIM contract with your iPad HD can save you upwards of several hundred dollars every year. Not only will a SIM contract save you money with the iPad 3, but you may even experience improved data speeds over a long period of time. Lastly, the purchasing the iPad 3 will help save the world from added toxic waste caused by the electronics and computer manufacturing industries.

This is a guest article by Ruben Corbo, a freelance writer for technology, travel, and music production topics. When he’s not writing or making music, he’s enjoying a good post-apocalyptic novel or playing RTS Strategy online game. Ruben’s writing resume includes websites like SIM Only where you can get the best SIM only deals as well as other websites that help you save on your tech purchases.