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DreamZ iPhone App Review- Lucid Dreams Simplified!

Have you ever tried to remember your dream, and you just could not? or Remember only some part of it but now everything? Well, I am sure every one of us goes through that phase and later on give up on the concept of controlling and reliving the dreams.

I am reviewing today one of the most promising iPhone app about lucid dreams which is not just interesting to know about but has practical application in triggering your lucid dreams – DreamZ -Lucid Apps Simplified!

Dreamz App iPhone Full Review

Just in case if you do not know what Lucid dreaming exactly is, developers has posted an easy to understand explanation I would like to post here before getting in to the DreamZ iPhone App Review –

“Ordinarily, we experience our dreams as if they are reality, and it’s only after we are awaken that we recognize them as dreams. However, sometimes we are explicitly conscious of the fact that we are dreaming, and this phenomenon is termed lucid dreaming. The definition of the term is simply dreaming while knowing you’re doing so, and having a degree of control while dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is the conscious stirring inside an unconscious dream world, the most significant part of it is that the dream is perceived as reality. However, lucid dreams are more vivid and tangible than real life itself, as if it puts everything in focus. Each of us dreams every night, therefore in theory, each holds the capacity of learning to dream lucidly.”

Cool, isn’t it? Let me tell you how this amazing app works & how easy it is to remember and trigger your dreams using it.

Dreamz iPhone App Review

The app interface is well-built and is very easy to understand. With this app you can set specific ‘audio cue’ which plays when you enter the dreaming stages. And after few days, your mind learns to correlate between hearing the audio cue and being inside a dream, thus giving you enough awareness to experience a lucid dream.

So the process is pretty simple.

You configure your favorite audio cue (any music), Set up the wake up alarm, then you go to sleep.

Now using your few physical & emotional changes using their Rapid Eye Movement technology, the app discovers when you are entering in the dream.

The app plays audio cue in your dream without disturbing you and setting a trigger for your mind after few days.

And finally you can then start experiencing lucid dreams which can be felt as good as real and you can remember it completely after you wake up.

The app also assists you in writing down those dreams once you wake up like a Dream journal!

So this is how this DreamZ App works on your iPhone and it is really productive if you are willing to experience you dreams at their fullest. The application of this app is beyond what we can think and it can also help many of us recovering from their bad past, or may be help them remember something or even to train the mind positively.

It simply depends on how you want to control your lucid dreams…

The app is complete worth for your money and you can definitely use it for endless possibilities, but least you can expect is getting closer to your lucid dreams!

There is also a lite version of this app available for free which allows people to remember their dreams by waking them up at the optimal biological time.

Overall Rating – 4.5/5

Check out the Official Website of – Dreamz iPhone App

Download DreamZ iPhone App

Cost – $2.99

Free Version –  DreamZ App Lite

Paid Version – Download DreamZ iPhone App

DreamZ iPhone App Video Demo

Check out the DreamZ app in action & how it works on your iPhone!