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Zabuza Labs Launches “DUPLEX – Double Runner Game” on Android

Nashik, India; 9 Dec, 2014: Duplex is a new game launched by Zabuza Labs which promises to be a completely new approach to runner games ever.

Duplex is a double run game. You have to direct two running characters (square blocks) simultaneously. You have to save these two from other blocks who are chasing to bust them.

The game requires a lot of concentration to really score high, so it also helps players raise their concentration level and presence of mind.

ScreenShot 1Duplex has a very unique and minimalistic art and retro sound effects that were quite popular in old 8 bit games. The game has five different themes which keep on changing after few attempts. You can also see number of attempts since your last high score.  It acts as an inspiration to beat your own score.

Because of hand-eye coordination required in the game, Duplex is already picking up traction within speed cubers community (to solve Rubik’s cube really fast, you have to be quick to identify color patterns and apply algorithm accordingly).

ScreenShot 2The game uses Google play services for submitting your score to global leaderboard. The current high score on Duplex globally is 682. It is insane.

“Duplex is addictive.” says the CEO & Founder of Zabuza Labs, Manas Gajare.

Interesting Fact about Duplex

Duplex game is developed in just 34 hours. At Zabuza Labs we conduct internal hackathon every month during which we work for 32 hours straight. The philosophy behind hackathon is to give your 100% to one singular task. The hackathon was organized on 5Dec-6Dec at Zabuza Labs. You can read more about our hackathon here.

ScreenShot 3Availability

‘Duplex’ is available in Google Play store for Free, and can be downloaded from this link–