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Top Streaming Apps for Watching Movies and TV Shows in 2019

If there is one thing that the iPad and iPhone are good for, it’s watching movies and TV shows on the go. With high screen resolutions, larger screen sizes, faster processors and more memory and space than ever before, iOS and Android devices offer the perfect platform for all your viewing choices. The problem comes in finding a great app that lets you stream them; when you do find one, it seems to disappear very quickly. One of the best apps we had was called MovieBox but, like many before it, the app has now gone offline and can no longer be used.

Luckily, there are several other good alternatives that you can use, and we’re going to talk about them here. At one time you would have had to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad to download the best movie apps, but that is no longer necessary as there are plenty available for the taking and most offer support for iOS, Android and desktop viewing.

Check out our list of top movie streaming apps for 2019:

Top Movie Streaming Apps for 2019:

There are plenty of streaming apps available in the iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows app stores, but many of them are limited in what they offer, and not all of them are as straightforward as they should be. We’ve put in the work to try to find the very best streaming apps for you, and we put them all through their paces to make sure they do what they say they do. These are the best of the best, offering users everything they could possibly want.


Hulu is one of the very best streaming apps and one of the most popular,  that works on both iOS and Android devices. It offers a vast choice of movies and TV shows and also offers Live TV for sports, news, and other events that you simply can’t miss seeing. It is a web-based app with support built-in for Chromecast and is free to download, although there are in-app purchases and you do need to sign up for an account, which is also free.

Tubi TV:

Tubi TV is one of the newer streaming apps and isn’t the biggest, but it is also one of the fastest growing. It offers a massive choice of movies and shows in plenty of genres, suiting all viewer tastes and age. It offers support for both Chromecast and Airplay to make streaming to larger screens easier and is entirely free to download and use – you don’t even need a credit card or a subscription.


Kodi is a name that everyone knows. One of the best-known media streaming services in the world, Kodi is completely free to download. It offers you the means to store and watch your own movie collection, and it also offers a vast range of add-ons, again all free, that provide you with the best movies, shows, sports and more. All you have to do is find the add-on you want and install it to Kodi.


Voot is owned by Viacom 18 and is a premium on-demand streaming platform. It offers everything from the Viacom network channels and plenty of other streaming options too, including plenty of movies, shows, kids content and more. It is free to download and use on iOS, but it is ad-supported.


Netflix is another well-known name that offers movies, shows, documentaries and more from all over the world. It is updated on a regular basis with brand new content and, the more you use it, the better the Netflix recommendations for content are. The app is free to download. Offers a choice of streaming or downloading for offline watching but there are in-app purchases and content is country-specific.

Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon Prime is one of the most popular ways of watching top-rated TV shows and movies, including Amazon Prime Originals and other content. It is country-specific for some content, but there are thousands of movies and shows on offer. Features like Auto-Play make it easy for you to keep up with the latest episodes of your favorite shows and Airplay support is built in for smooth streaming to your TV. The app is free to download, but there are in-app purchases.


Hotstar is a live-streaming app that gives you access to all your favorite shows, sports, news, and movies on the go. It is the biggest premium platform for streaming in India and offers over 100,000 hours of viewing. 17 languages are supported, and it’s one of the only apps where you can watch coverage of all the most significant sporting events in the world. It is only a couple of years old and already has more than 350 million users. This is another app that is free to download but offers in-app purchases.


Our last streaming app is called Zee5, and it offers a vast choice of movies, tv shows, international shows, original series and much more. It includes more than 80 live TV channels and more than 100,000 hours of entertainment in 12 languages, with dubbing in 7 languages. You can stream directly to your device, or you can download for offline watching later. Voice Search is supported along with plenty of other useful features. It is a free app to download but is subscription based and has in-app purchases.

With the rise in high-end mobile devices and the fact that we spend more time on those mobiles than we do anything else, it makes sense that we turn to them for our TV shows and movies too. Many apps have support for Chromecast and/or Airplay built-in, making it easier than ever to watch what we want, when we want and on whatever device we want too.

Check out the recommendations above and see which ones offer the features that you want. Let us know what you choose to go for or if you have any other suggestions for us to consider, and follow us on Facebook for more content like this.