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Top 10 Best Free Travel Apps For Android

This is a guest posy by Ilya Elbert. If you wish to write a guest post for our us, please follow our guidelines here.

Gone are the days when while going on some short trip around the city or for an excursion abroad, we used to face the problems associated with language translation, distance guide and touring maps. But with the innovation of latest Smartphones, all these travel headaches have not been any nuisance to the travelers at all.

Android has developed several useful travel apps which can easily be downloaded to your Smartphone and allow you to track your desired destinations while on the go. Here, we have introduced to you 10 free must have travel apps for your Android Smartphone that offer you a good travel guide and assistance when you are ready to hit the road.

Android Travelling App1. Tripit

It is an amazing travel app that takes all your travel plans and details and organizes them into an itinerary which you can see on your Smartphone or tablet whenever needed. It also carry forward all your email confirmations to [email protected] that instantly inform you about available bookings and reservations including seas, restaurants, hotels and more.

2. Expensify

It’s a great app for business travelers allow them to scan receipts and create expense reports automatically. This Android app enables you to scan these receipts compiled with the expenditure reports.

3. Hipmunk

This app helps you to search out for the best flight and hotel booking while planning for a trip. It shows the results on heatmaps or graphs and thus tells you the exact situation of your fight or hotel. After getting the right flight or hotel, you can also book it with the ease of your Smartphone anytime or can also email it.

4. Flightview

With the help of Flightview app, you can track the flights to get the real time flight information. Moreover, you also get instant alerts or notifications if any change occurs in flight status.

5. Kayak

It’s an all-in-one app to cater all your travel needs on the go. You can compare flights; hotel and rental cars and can also track flights and get travel deals with Kayak with the click of your Smartphone. It also manages your entire travel itinerary and provides you a quick access to major airports and airline numbers.

6. Currency Converter

It offers you an easy and offline access to convert different currencies across the world and also keeps you update with the latest currency news.

7. Taxi Magic

This great Android app helps you to find, book and track taxis in US with the help of your Android Smartphone with GPS. And the best part about this taxi booking app is that no cash is required to book or track a taxi according to your location.

8. Poynt

It is a revolutionary local search app that provides you an easy access to connect with movies, hotels, places, businesses and concerts nearby your location anytime you require. With the help of Poynt app, you can interact with your local businesses or view trailers or show times of latest releases or book a table at your favored restaurant.

9. Google Translator

It allows you to translate text, words or phrases into 63 different languages. Not only this, with Google Translator you can translate the text by speaking the words. So no need to type the text every time when you want to translate it.

10. Wikitude

This Android app uses Augmented Reality Technology that enables you to know about interesting places and events around you just by holding your smart phone’s camera. In addition, you can also create your own augmented reality world by saving your myWorld and can share it with all your friends via social networking.

This is a guest posy by Ilya Elbert, who writes for several IT Services Philadelphia and PC Repair Philadelphia national service organizations.

2 Responses

  1. This is a great list for a travelling business man or a travelling enthusiast. The often encountered barriers that prevents the soaking in of the travelling experience is that of the currency mismatch which eats away the time meant for sightseeing or getting a projects. These tasks will be given the second priority with these demands of currency interference. 

  2.  With the frequency that I travel, it is wonderful that we
    have apps in our modern world instead of maps and travel assistants. I travel on
    Dish related business so I am especially glad as it really shaves money off my
    budget. For all pleasure and business travelers alike kayak and tripit are too
    awesome apps that should be on your droid. I’m also a big fan of stress apps like
    dish remote access which I have on my tablet. It connects me to all my DVR
    content and programming so I can watch a movie if I unavoidably miss a
    connection. Travel apps are the best person assistant I could possibly ask for and
    they look much better on my budget.