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How to Root Your Nook Tablet To Access Android Market?

There is exciting news for new Nook Tablet owners who got disappointed after finding that you do not have access to the Android market via your device. Well XDA developers have successfully come up with the indirect solution though which you can access the Android market and will also be able to download fabulous apps for your tablet.

Nook Android Tablet

Below are the steps you need to follow to get access to the Android market on your device.

1. The first step is to enable the debugging mode on your device.

2. Next, you need to download the tgps launcher on your tablet.

3. Now open the tgps launcher and lick ‘Package Installer->Settings’.

4. In the setting menu, click on the ‘allow installation from unknown sources’, in the same setting menu on click on the ‘Development’ and turn on the ‘USB Debugging’. There will also be one more ‘USB Debugging’ option, turn it on too. There will be option of ‘Auto Mount’ in the same menu, turn off this option.

The device is now in the debugging mode and to check this out, plug in your device to your windows machine through USB and now open the ‘Device Manager’. This device manager should show you device with some symbol, if you do not find your tablet in the list then your Nook Tablet is not in the debugging mode. If you successfully get into the debugging mode, unplug the USB cable and jus let your tablet be in the debugging mode and now proceed to the following steps. These are the steps to be followed on your windows machine.

1. Download the ‘ ’ file from this source:

2. Now download the ‘Nook&’ file from this URL:

3. Now create a folder with the name ntroot in your ‘C drive’ of windows system and extract both the downloaded files to the ntroot folder.

4. Look for the ‘runmefirst.bat’ and run the file. This will open a cmd prompt, press any key to continue and now you will see the device manager gets opened.

5. Now plug in Tablet through USB to install the drivers. As you connect, you will see the device being showed in the device manager. Right click on the Nook Tablet in the device manager and click on the ‘Properties’ then go to ‘Update Driver’ from here move on to ‘Browser your computer for driver’. Select the USB driver from the ntroot folder and click OK. When window prompts select the option ‘Install this driver software anyway’.

6. After the driver gets installed, switch back to the Android Compatible ADB Interface in the device manager.

7. Press any key on the cmd prompt to exit and you can now run NookZergy. Run the app which is located in the ntroot folder in the C drive. Doing this you will see cmd prompt and your tablet is assigned a number. This showing up of number is important as this indicates that your device has got registered properly and now you need to press ‘Y’ and hit enter to proceed further.

8. On proceeding it will be asked if you would like to install the gapps (the Google Apps), at this instance you need to press ‘Y’ and hit enter. Doing this all the Google apps will get installed on your device. Now unplug the USB cable from your device and restart the tablet.

After the successful reboot you will be able to access the Android Market !

9. Lastly search for the GO Launcher Ex app and install it on your device to get the home screen just like found in other Android devices.

Update: 19/4/2012

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  1. My Nook Tablet will not show up in my Device Manager.  I’ve tried restarting the computer a few times.