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How To Batch Uninstall Android Apps & Mantain Your Smartphone [Tutorial]

Since the launch of Android 2.2 Foryo most of the users install so many apps & move them to SD card for saving internal memory. Now even 2GB of memory stick can store hundreds of apps & it comes bundles with the  smartphone.

Dropping smartphone prices adding more and more  users to league of Android app users & most of androids now come with 2.2 Froyo as it is the latest stable version of Android yet. (at least for budget & mid range androids.

Here is a quick way you can uninstall android apps & games in bulk (batch) from single windows & you dont have to go to app manager select one app & uninstall for each one.

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How To Batch Uninstall Android Apps

There is no magic trick or guide to it, because a developer named Aaron has made an awesome  Free app called – Android Assistant. This app will not only let you batch uninstall apps but will let you do great overall maintenance in single click.

Step 1 – Click Here to Download Android Assistant.

Step 2- Install the app in your android smartphone.

Step 3 – Open App – Monitor windows will be open by default.

Step 4 – Click on Tools Tab in top right.

Batch Apps Uninstall - Android Assistant

Step 5 – Click on Batch Uninstall Option

Step 6 – Then list of all your apps will come & you have to tick all the apps you wish to uninstall

And just hit Uninstall selected apps button below.

So, Let us Thank Aaron for making such a simple stuff for geek gadget users like us who uses many of the apps daily. Just to let you know this app can also make your Android system clean by clearing cache, history, processes, manage start up, Battery Usage & will assist you in all android maintenance task you can perform anytime.

Its like all in one advanced  task manager for your Android. If you do enjoy this tutorial don’t forget to Subscribe for our Free Email Newsletter for more such tutorials, apps, smartphone reviews & free gifts from us