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Best Ways To Hide Apps on Android Without Disabling

There are numerous reasons why you should conceal apps on your Android phone. With mobile payments becoming more common, many of us have sensitive financial data on our phones, which anyone who can get past the lock screen can access. Parents can hide apps and use other content-locking technology on their children’s devices if they need to block their children from seeing things they shouldn’t.

Even if you only want to keep things private when lending your phone to a friend or family member, knowing how to hide apps on your Android phone is useful. This post will show you how to conceal and disguise apps to prevent others from accessing them.

Hide Android apps with built-in settings (certain models)

Some Android phones include a function that allows you to hide apps from the home screen or phone settings. You may be in luck if you own a phone from Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, OnePlus, or Huawei. If not, proceed to the third-party Android app concealing solutions.

Hide Apps on Samsung phones

This guide will show you how to hide apps on a Samsung Android phone. Although not all Samsung phones have the same settings, this method should work:

1. Navigate to your app drawer.

2. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner.

3. Navigate to Home Screen Settings (or simply Settings).

4. Choose the Hide applications option.

5. Select the app(s) you want to hide.

6. Click the Apply button (or hit Done) to confirm.

Hide Apps on LG phones

The home screen settings on some LG phones allow you to hide apps.

1. To access Home Screen Settings, long-press the home screen.

2. Select Hide Apps from the menu.

3. Select the app(s) you want to hide.

4. Click the Done button to confirm.

Hide Apps on Xiaomi phones

Xiaomi phones include an app-lock option. However, it must be activated. Here’s how to hide apps on Xiaomi smartphones:

1. Go to your Settings.

2. Select App lock, followed by the gear icon.

3. Select Hidden apps.

4. Select Manage hidden apps.

5. Select the apps you want to hide.

Later, you may find the apps you’ve hidden by zooming out on the home screen and using your fingerprint to unlock the app lock function.

Hide Apps on OnePlus phones

OnePlus phones offer a Hidden Space folder that allows you to hide apps. You may also password-guard the Hidden Space folder to keep your programs hidden. Here’s how to conceal apps on OnePlus devices:

1. Swipe right to open the app drawer.

2. Select + to add apps.

3. Confirm by tapping the checkmark.

4. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.

5. Select Enable and create a strong password to ensure optimal security.

Hide Huawei phone apps

Huawei phones include a PrivateSpace folder where you may hide apps and files and lock it with your fingerprint. However, you cannot move apps from your home screen to PrivateSpace; you must download them anew directly to the PrivateSpace Folder.

You must first configure PrivateSpace by navigating to Settings > Security & privacy > PrivateSpace. After you’ve done that, here’s how to hide apps on your Huawei phone:

1. Use your fingerprint to open PrivateSpace.

2. Install any apps that you want to remain private. That’s all there is to it.

Hide Pixel phone apps

Google Pixel devices are popular, and Google is capitalizing on the opportunity to provide some of the most dependable and cutting-edge security configurations. One of these is the ability to conceal apps. Follow these simple steps to hide applications on a Pixel device. Step 1: Go to your Pixel device’s app drawer.

Step 2: Hold down on the application you want to hide.

Step 3: Select the info icon from the pop-up menu.

Step 4: Select Disable application.


If your phone’s default launcher does not allow you to conceal apps, you can install third-party launchers like POCO and Evie. Hide apps in these launchers using the hide apps option in the launcher settings. Check out our full post with instructions on using launchers that allow you to hide apps.


On your phone, an app is identified by its name and icon. You can use a launcher to change its name and icon to something different. We’ll walk you through the process for the popular Nova Launcher. On all launchers, the core notion of the steps remains the same.

In the Nova Launcher, open the app drawer. Long-press the app you wish to hide. Choose Edit from the menu. Under App Label, change the name of the app. Maintain it with something mundane, such as a calculator. Then, on the next screen, touch on the app icon and change the icon. Again, please keep it simple enough that it appears to be a system app.


Adding apps to a folder is another simple way to hide them. Then, label the folder so no one will want to tap on it—for example, bloatware or unnecessary apps.

Depending on where you added the app in a folder, this method will hide the app on either the app drawer or the home screen. While many launchers allow you to add apps to folders on the home screen, only a few offer folders in the app drawer. If you don’t like the app drawer, see the top launchers without one. You can also use the folder swipe option to conceal apps. It is accessible through programs such as Nova and Action Launcher.


You can use the multiple users option to hide apps without a launcher. Establish a new user profile and install the secret apps in that profile. Each profile is self-contained, and the installed apps are only available in the profile where they were installed.

To add a new user, navigate to Settings > System on your phone. Select Multiple users. Then, select Add a user. The steps may alter depending on the device. Search for users in the Settings search bar. Please switch to the user from the user icon in the fast panel once it has been created.


The methods described above will only hide apps from the app drawer and home screen. They will not be hidden in Settings’ installed apps area. So, if someone is snooping on your phone, be cautious. To remove the program from the settings, you must uninstall it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Hide Android Apps without Disabling?

Android users can conceal applications using their home page settings or installing a third-party launcher such as Nova Launcher or Microsoft Launcher.

How Do You Hide an App Completely?

Disable such an application or utilise the Android launcher apps to hide it.

How Can I Hide Apps Without Using the App Store?

The Microsoft Launcher or Nova Premium launchers can hide a third-party marketplace application.

Is There an Android Privacy App?

Several Android privacy apps exist, including Bitdefender Mobile Security, DuckDuckGo, and folder lock. Users can get these apps via the Google Play Store.

How Can I Hide Apps on Android Without Using Another App?

To hide an app without another app on Android, go to the device settings area and hit the app list. Select the application you want to hide and press the deactivate button.

How Do I Unhide Android Apps Without Disabling Them?

The AirDroid Parental Control app can be used to unhide apps on Android. There is a specific app list that allows you to easily check for any apps that have been hidden by accident or on purpose.

What Exactly Is Invisible App?

Invisible apps work in the background, recognizing our requirements based on sensor data and context, and acting before we even notice.