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4 Expert Techniques to Remove TikTok’s Watermark

TikTok, which has more than a billion subscribers, is a fantastic medium for engaging with viewers. If your videos are popular on TikTok, you might want to cross-post them or publish them as Instagram Reels as a section of any marketing strategy on social media. A watermark will be present on any videos you download from TikTok. If it obscures a crucial portion of the video, this can be quite frustrating. A TikTok watermark may be removed in a variety of ways, which is fortunate. A graphic that is overlaid over the video is a TikTok watermark. A watermark’s function is to make the source of the media clear so that it cannot be reposted without credit. 

Let’s take a moment to emphasize that you shouldn’t upload content created by other users without giving them credit. The unethical practice of content theft can swiftly spiral into a social media disaster. The advice provided below is aimed at content producers who want to repost their own TikTok posts. As the video plays, TikTok adds a floating watermark that will move around. Trying to get rid of it can be made more difficult by this. However, here are a few ways to get rid of the watermark:

Cropping the Video

The most straightforward method is to crop it out of the video. However, the aspect ratio of the video will alter as a result. It will create a black border surrounding the content if you choose to reshape it on a platform that adheres to TikTok’s video size requirements. Additionally, cropping doesn’t always work because you run the risk of chopping off content present in the video. You’ll need to take a different strategy if your video has significant video elements that are close to the edges. 

You may crop the video in the iPhone’s Photos app. Choose “Edit” from the menu in the top-right corner of the program, and then choose “Crop” from the list of options that displays at the bottom. To clip out the watermark and change the video’s dimensions, pinch and zoom. You’ll need to trim more than one part of your video because the watermark wanders. To save your work, select “Done.” Play replay your video after cropping it to ensure that it was successful. If not, it’s time to try another approach. 

Watermark Removing Apps

On iOS and Android, a variety of video editing programs are available solely for removing TikTok watermarks. These will import the video and completely remove the watermark. Many programs created specifically for this purpose can be found in the Apple Store if you search “remove TikTok watermark” there. As they say, inventions are born out of necessity! In fact, there are so many choices that it can be daunting. So how do you pick one? You should be aware that none of these applications are related to TikTok before using them. They are all unapproved tools made to get around the watermarking procedure. So if TikTok updates their API, they might stop functioning in the future. To begin with, not all of these programs will get rid of the watermark. Some, like TaxSaver, let you store watermark-free TikTok videos without actually downloading them to your phone. 

Second, pay close attention to the reviews! As TikTok’s user base expands, more businesses are emerging to profit from content creators looking to break big, creating the ideal environment for con artists to make untrue promises. The majority of these applications are free to download, however they either have a lot of advertising or charge money to use them. The majority provide yearly, monthly, or weekly subscriptions. These cost between $5 and $20 USD per month, while some are less expensive if you pay for a full year in advance. Add a video first, then remove the watermark. To do this, open TikTok and look for the watermark-free version of the video you wish to download. After selecting “Share,” select “Copy link.” Reopen the watermark removal program. The video will be immediately imported. By tapping the “Save” icon, you can download it from there without the watermark. You might be able to edit the caption, add hashtags, and schedule its posting to your TikTok account using your app.

Video Editing Tools

Additionally, you can use a video editing program to remove the watermark and replace it with pixels taken from the surrounding region. In addition, you might overlay the watermark with a graphic using a video. This is the trickiest method, and I wouldn’t advise it if you could just save the movie without the watermark in the first place. You have all the alternatives, though! Start by looking for a watermark removal program on the app store. The aforementioned warnings still hold true: most “free” tools will annoy you with constant advertisements or require in-app purchases to function. Before you buy, read reviews and take a free trial because the quality differs. 

You can import your TikTok video from Camera Roll into any app of your choosing. From the menu options, pick “Remove watermark.” To highlight the region with the watermark, pinch and drag. The majority of these solutions simply let you get rid of one watermark at once. You’ll need to complete this in phases because the TikTok watermark moves. Save your video after that. Open the edited video after that, and then choose where to place the second watermark. Repeat saving it. Export the altered TikTok video to your Camera Roll after that. Examine your work for a moment. There will be a hazy impression where the watermark formerly was because these programs work by substituting other pixels from the video for the watermark’s pixels. This might not be apparent, especially if your background is strong. It’s rather subtle in the example provided below. And before you post, verify the visual effect and clarity! 

Download videos without the Watermark

There is a fourth choice of using Tiktok video downloader or websites, which is to completely avoid the watermark. It just so happens that there are a few websites, including or (confusingly) Musical, formerly known as Musically own, that allow users to download TikTok’s without a watermark. The same principles apply to other websites like SnapTik, TikFast, and TikMate. You may get some of these via the App Store or Google Play, including SnapTik. However, a website is useful if you don’t want to download any new apps for your phone. These websites are also in no way associated with TikTok, much like the apps described above. That implies that if TikTok modifies their app, they might eventually stop functioning altogether. To achieve this, look for the TikTok in the app that you wish to download. Click “Share,” then select “Copy Link.” Open the web browser on your iPhone and go to the online tool. Copy the URL, then paste it into the form. To save the video as an MP4 after processing is complete, select “Download.” Some tools could let you choose between “Watermark” and “No watermark.” 


You can download and share TikTok content without a watermark using any of these techniques on other social networking websites. We hope that was helpful!