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Most Amazing Premium Add-ons For Elementor

Enhance your Elementor experience with powerful “Add-ons for Elementor.” Elevate design possibilities beyond the core plugin with these fantastic third-party extensions!

The Elementor page builder is already one of the most feature-rich page builder plugins available. However, if you want to maximise your design potential, many fantastic third-party Elementor add-ons are available that extend the core plugin even further. Most of these add-ons provide you with a new set of Elementor widgets to utilise in your projects, while others provide new functionality or design possibilities for existing widgets. We’ll examine the top add-ons for Elementor in this article to help you enhance your website’s functionality without knowing any code. These plugins provide all you need to advance your website, from innovative design to social features.

Add-ons For Elementor

Overview of Elementor

One of the most popular page builder plugins among WordPress users is Elementor. It has a drag-and-drop editor that enables you to create beautiful pages. Additionally, you won’t need to touch a single line of code: With Elementor, you have access to a vast collection of widgets that you can use to build almost any kind of page or post you can think of. It also includes several templates and tools for styling different page elements. These readymade designs can be used to make buttons, sliders, contact forms, etc.

Elementor comes in two different variants. The free plugin is a great option to generate conventional pages without sophisticated capabilities. To take your site to the next level, without having to deal with coding, you may access a large range of complex tools, widgets, and settings with the Pro version.

Why Do You Need Add-ons for Elementor?

Elementor is a robust and powerful tool. It is one of the best plugins available, particularly if you have the Pro edition. However, nothing is perfect, and a few things could be better. This is where Elementor additions can shine. They fill in the gaps where the default plugin falls short.

Using Elementor addons might assist you in getting the most out of this page builder. They may also enable you to integrate with other critical plugins on your site. You can develop more interesting and visually appealing websites and articles to attract customers and maximise conversions. Other solutions are also available, based on the functionality, usability, and pricing you require. Many of them are freemium tools, which means you may use them for free and then upgrade to gain access to more features.

To improve your experience using Elementor, a lot of WordPress developers provide Elementor pro premium add-ons. This post has collected a list of our favourite free and Premium Add-ons For Elementor to help you find the best. Continue reading to find out more!

Essential Add-ons for Elementor

Essential Addons is, without a doubt, the most popular Elementor add-on. According to statistics, the add-on has over one million active installations. Essential Addons, as the name implies, provides the most important Elementor widgets for usage in your Elementor design. Whether it’s a page or a bespoke template, some widgets provide similar functionality to native Elementor widgets but with more extensive capabilities.

Essential Addons, for example, provides a widget called Google Maps that allows you to add a map from Google Maps. Elementor, as you may know, has a Google Maps widget with the same capabilities. The native Google Maps widget, on the other hand, can only be used to add a single, basic map. Essential Addons’ Google Map widget allows you to add a map with numerous places, a 360-degree virtual tour, and several map times.

In addition to widgets, Essential Addons provides some other capabilities to help you get more out of Elementor, such as the ability to password-protect a page, show/hide an element (section, column, or widget), and apply a custom filter.

Exclusive Add-ons For Elementor

Exclusive Addons is a reliable Elementor add-on that enhances your ability to build outstanding WordPress site designs. The freemium plugin is well-rated and has received numerous great reviews from customers. Their free edition includes far more than just the basics. It includes 40+ functional parts and extensions required to develop a functional website. Widgets, Extensions, Templates, Blocks, and a custom Icon Library are all included. Exclusive Addons is one of the few Elementor add-ons with its own custom icon library. That’s a lot you can get from a free plugin version.

Meanwhile, the pro edition gives you access to 50+ premium widgets and extensions, as well as premium templates and upgrades. Upgrading to Exclusive Addons Pro allows you to create websites with advanced features.

Exclusive Addons is a lightweight and super-fast plugin that will assist in increasing your website loading speed. The fantastic customisable option gives you complete control over the elements and styles used in your site design.


Crocoblock created the premium Elementor add-on called JetElements. Using Instagram to advertise your goods or services might complement your Elementor Pro. You may add your Instagram feed to your WordPress website with the Instagram widget from JetElements. Anywhere on your website, including the homepage, sidebar, and about page, can show your Instagram feed. JetElements is a fantastic add-on to creating a business website since it includes the Team Member widget, which enables you to present your team members distinctively.

As shown in the preceding list. Some of JetElements’ widgets are similar to those found in Elementor. However, they have different configuration possibilities. For example, the JetElements Posts widget allows you to display the most recent posts in a carousel mode, which is ideal if you are working on a dynamic website such as an online magazine or blog. The same setting option is not accessible in Elementor’s native Posts widget. JetElements and the widgets listed above provide predefined layouts and other capabilities, such as interaction with MailChimp and disabling unwanted widgets.

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Happy Addons

The paid edition of Happy Addons includes more widgets such as Pricing Table, Instagram Feed, Logo Carousel, and Line Chart and more complex capabilities such as presets, cross-domain copy-paste, live copy, picture masking, etc. WeDevs, a WordPress developer known for popular plugins such as Dokan, WP Project Manager, and WP User Frontend, created Happy Addons.

The paid edition of Happy Addons includes more widgets such as Pricing Table, Instagram Feed, Logo Carousel, and Line Chart and more complex capabilities such as presets, cross-domain copy-paste, live copy, picture masking, etc. WeDevs, a WordPress developer known for popular plugins such as Dokan, WP Project Manager, and WP User Frontend, created Happy Addons.

Droit Addons

DroitThemes created Droit Addons for Elementor. This add-on includes 43+ widgets and 140+ present, including Post Content and Post Meta widgets for creating a custom single post template. With the free edition of Droit Elementor Addons, anyone with no coding experience may simply construct a bespoke website.

Master Addons

Master Addons, a freemium plugin for the Elementor editor, has covered all essential elements and extensions. Within the package, there are over 55 widgets. Master Addons will make your Elementor page editing panel more visually appealing. Content, media, call to action, buttons, and form elements will exist. A dynamic header and footer can be assigned to your entire website or a specific page. Custom CSS is another amazing free extension. It is sometimes necessary to use CSS code to improve the user interface. Simply use your imagination to create any part, segment, or column you require.

Contact form customiser, on the other hand, will help you design typography, padding, buttons, colour, width, and height without scripting. With display conditions, it is now easier to create a dynamic page. You may quickly display multiple types of content based on the browser, user, and time value. There are various kinds of content lockers accessible. You can protect your content by age, password, captcha, or popup. After all, Master Addons will boost the quality of your website. You must drag and drop the appropriate pieces and design sections with extensions.


Raven is an Elementor extension created by Artbees. This add-on is designed specifically for the Jupiter X, a WordPress theme created by Artbees. This add-on includes 26 widgets, including Post Content and Post Meta widgets for creating a bespoke single post template. Raven provides the following widgets.


PowerPack was produced by the IdeaBox team. This group is made up of enthusiastic designers, developers, and marketers. PowerPack allows you to create a one-of-a-kind website without coding.

PowerPack is slightly more expensive than the first two add-ons mentioned above. However, the widgets and functionalities PowerPack provides merit a little higher premium. PowerPack includes White Label Branding, allowing you to change the plugin branding and keep your brand when constructing client websites. This functionality is ideal for website developers who frequently design websites for clients. PowerPack may be used to develop any form of website. Whether it’s a dynamic, static, or e-commerce website doesn’t matter.

Ultimate Addons

When discussing Elementor, one WordPress theme that is usually referenced is Astra. Ultimate Addons is created by the same firm that created Astra Theme. So, if you utilise Astra Theme, this add-on is a must-have. Ultimate Addons, like PowerPack, are more expensive than the other two add-ons mentioned above. This add-on is also a good choice if you are a website developer who frequently creates websites for customers because it includes White Label. This feature allows you to rebrand the Ultimate Addons on your client’s websites and promote them as your own.

Unlimited Elements

Another highly popular premium Elementor add-on. Unlimited Elements is not like the other Elementor add-ons mentioned above. This add-on is published as a freemium add-on, meaning a free version is available if you want to see if this add-on meets your needs. Overall, the widgets provided by Unlimited Elements are similar to those provided by the other add-ons mentioned above. 

The Plus Addons

POSIMYTH Team created the Plus Addons. This Elementor add-on includes over 60 widgets to supplement Elementor’s original widgets, allowing you to create a unique, stunning website without scripting. This add-on includes readymade templates and widgets to help you create a gorgeous webpage in minutes. One of the features highlighted by this add-on is performance. A webpage built with The Plus Addons can be loaded in under 0.5 seconds. That is, according to The Plus Addon. This plugin uses a unique caching architecture that generates distinct JS and CSS files for each page. As a result, load speed is increased.

Element Pack

Element Pack is another paid Elementor add-on to consider if you want to improve your experience making websites with Elementor. This add-on is available as a freemium add-on. This add-on is available for free on WordPress’s plugin repository. Element Pack includes 79 basic widgets as well as various additional widgets. If you require it, the White Label functionality is also accessible. Element Pack also provides over 100 readymade templates. This add-on comes with the Rooten Theme. Element Pack provides the following widgets.


MotoPress, a fantastic and highly-rated WordPress development team, created Stratum Elementor Extras. The Stratum collection of 20+ complex addons is new to the market and is still gaining traction; it is subject to continual upgrades and enhancements.

Stratum was previously offered as a completely free service. Today, the free addon includes a premium edition with special advanced functionality at a modest cost. The key distinction between Stratum and similar goods is that this addon provides all widgets for free while leaving a few advanced features for the premium version.

In the list of widgets available, you will find the most popular elements only available in Elementor Pro or other premium third-party add-ons. The widgets offer an advanced design toolchain and facilitate the integration of the Elementor template library.

Mighty Addons

Mighty Addons plays a significant role in making Elementor page construction more dynamic, engaging, and smooth. It expands Elementor’s capability by adding new elements and widgets. Users now access millions of free stock pictures thanks to its connection with Pixabay. With a plethora of customisation choices, you will be able to construct a unique WordPress webpage.

With over 30+ widgets and extensions, you can quickly add multi-layered shadows to items, interactive particle backgrounds to different portions of your website, multi-location via Google map & open-street map, and so on.


ElementsKit for Elementor is a freemium plugin that includes a variety of helpful widgets and unique features. It is also recognised as one of the most popular all-in-one additions in the WordPress directory, with over 700,000k+ active users, and it provides 75+ free and premium widgets, 45+ pre-designed header-footer templates, 35+ ready pages, 500+ ready blocks or sections, and the numbers are fast expanding.

Apart from these, ElementsKit includes many wonderful capabilities that will give you a competitive advantage when developing your website. Megamenu builder, Header and footer builder, Cross-domain copy-paste, Ready templates, blocks, landing pages, Parallax Effect, Social Feeds, Advanced tables, and various outstanding WooCommerce widgets are among the features.

Even the free edition of ElementsKit includes many useful widgets, extensions, and services. With regular updates, 42 free widgets, extensions, templates, and section blocks exist. ElementsKit for Elementor is entirely compatible with any theme and plugin, besides all of the fantastic widgets, features, and modules. It also features a 24-hour support centre that can help you anywhere, at any time!

Overall, ElementsKit offers one of the most Elementor widgets available in the community. It is also quite easy for beginners and non-developers to independently construct a visually attractive website.


A popular page builder plugin, Elementor, makes building and customising your website easier. However, to get the most out of this powerful tool, we suggest downloading certain extensions to expand its functionality and choosing a managed hosting option designed specifically for Elementor.

We hope you enjoyed exploring the boundless design possibilities with our insights on “Add-ons For Elementor.” Elevate your website’s aesthetics effortlessly!